Busy October Days

Yesterday was a very busy day, indeed! Shortly after arising, I was looking out behind the house when I saw several turkey hens visiting! As soon as they saw me and my camera, they ran off into the woods!


We had to work quickly in the morning, as we had to go out in the afternoon.  After placing our “old” truck in the Auto Trader Online,  we had a man call on Sunday, saying he was very interested in it.

We had planned to meet with my parents and younger brother for dinner, as it was my parents’ 59th wedding anniversary!  We met once again at our *favorite* restaurant! Forget that it is one and a half hours from our house. The food is consistantly delicious and the pricing is very fair.  One NEVER leaves hungry!

The man who was interested in the truck lives about an hour and a half from where we were meeting my parents, so we met with him earlier in the day. He was thrilled with the truck and is going to pick it up tomorrow! I am so happy we will be down to only two vehicles once again!

Here is the restaurant where we met. I can never say enough wonderful things about this place. They are producers of maple syrup as well as a superb restaurant.


The long section to the right of the building is where maple syrup is processed. There is a very long hall there, where sugaring equipment is housed behind glass walls. During the spring, you can watch as the syrup is being made.  A real treat!


After dinner, my dad had some questions for Mark, so as they talked, my mother and I sat on a porch in the front of the restaurant in lovely rocking chairs. The beautiful  mums graced us with their presence, and were one of several. Everything at this restaurant is so relaxing and comforting! From the food to the gorgeous Swans in the pond out front, everything is just perfect!


I wonder if the restaurant owners also ordered this perfect October sky?  It was such a great day, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


My brother, Randy, gave me some wooden things he had made. I will post about those on a separate entry later.

It was so hard seeing this day come to a close.  It was just such a wonderful, wonderful day!