Naples Grape Festival

Yesterday morning, I leaned out of our bedroom window and took a picture of this pretty maple tree that is showing some serious fall color! It is rather strange how most trees are remaining green, but with small patches of color scattered here and there.


Michelle had to go down to Naples in the morning, so I wandered around a little with camera in hand to give an idea of the festivities.


Everyone along Main Street must offer up their lawn between the sidewalk and road for vendors.  The whole street becomes a sea of tents offering all sorts of items for sale….many hand-crafted, many imported.


And, as with any festival, there is a generous offering of all varieties of food. (didn’t see any Haggis offered, though!)


Even the local ski mountain gets a little unmanned advertising!





Because hot air balloons are an integral part of life in the Finger Lakes region, even little balloons are offered up for sale. I love the bright colors here…


As an aside, we had to make a trip to Canandaigua last night after we left Naples.  As we sat eating some fast food, we spotted a balloon hovering above Canandaigua. Night was fast approaching…by the time we were done eating, the balloon was no longer afloat, so I have no picture.

As I walked about the festival, my eyes became riveted on a vendor selling clothing from India. I LOVE many of the styles, as they are “softer…..more flowing and feminine”.  I don’t wear slacks or jeans very often, as I love skirts and feel more comfortable in them.

As I browsed around in the clothing, I found a couple of blouses and a skirt. I took them to the table to pay.  I was standing there, awaiting my receipt, when my eyes fell  upon a box with what looked like a stuffed animal in it! But no! It was a real little doggie! I asked the woman about it, and she told me they were from Florida. The dog is 18 years old, and they couldn’t leave her behind with their other three dogs!


Walking along the sidewalks, one is always assured to see unique things. This little car was one such curiosity! I am not sure what the “theme” is…perhaps cartoons?


Once again, I only wish I could send a bit more of the “essence” over cyberspace. As you can see, most of these pictures were taken from a distance. Today, I am heading down with the kids…I am hoping to have some more pictures, spotlighting some of the vendors I found to be interesting!


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  1. Hi Kaye,
    I love looking at your pictures. I have not been to many street fairs since I stopped doing them but just looking at this one makes me want to go to one again BUT as a visitor! Leave it to you to spot a resting dog.

  2. I’m baaaaaack!
    Tag! You’re it! You’ve been tagged! Instructions are over at my place. (Only if you have the time!! Don’t worry if you don’t.. it’s just for fun!)

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