Naples Grape Festival, Revisited

Well, as promised earlier today, I am entering some photos of vendors that seemed to have large draws and were offering some interesting goods.

My own first stop was right here at Nordic Farms Jams and Jellies. I already was familiar with this family-run business, as I had purchased some jellies last spring at a Farmer’s Market.  I had to replenish my “Turbo Jelly”. This is a combination of pineapple and habanero peppers. It is enough to make one stand at attention, or at least clear your sinuses. It is very hot, but placed on a cracker with a bit of cream cheese, it tastes like dessert!


Some of the beautiful jellies with the sunlight highlighting their gemlike colors!


I came across a young chainsaw artist who created some unusual and beautiful pieces from wood…




I photographed the Tie-Dye vendor from the backside. The colors were so pretty, and this area had a large draw of lookers.


Of course, the chocolatiers were drawing some attention!


As well as the folks selling African Shea Butter.


Lots of folks were drawn to the alluring amber of maple syrup. (another one of my favorites!)


Undeniably, one of the busiest tents was the wine-tasting tent. Too bad for me. I never drink wine. I do partake of sparkling grape juice, though.  Ah well, they didn’t seem to have a Pepsi-tasting tent….


This fellow had beautiful wooden auto-harps for sale and he demonstrated the music right here. The music was very nice!


Hmmm….the nature photography tent didn’t seem lacking for attention.


Nor was this photographer who offered every one of his photos in sepia!


Well, what would a grape festival be without grapes?


Wow, these smoked beef dog bones were beginning to make me feel a bit hungry!


As were all of these vendors selling food that smelled so tempting, my poor mouth was watering.


But alas! I had a plan…It just happens that during the festival each year, the senior class at the high school sponsors a delicious chicken barbeque. And at this point, my feet were beginning to feel abused and I also happened to know that in purchasing a meal, I could sit comfortably inside the school cafeteria to eat!


What a satisfying meal this was!

Once out on the street again, I was quite drawn to the kettle corn maker. This fellow stirred a HUGE cauldron in which popcorn was added.  As the popcorn was added, pieces flew out every now and then from the kettle!


And who could resist a picture of these grapes with the sun shining on them?


And, speaking of grapes, there were half barrels filled with grapes and kids were allowed to “stomp” on the grapes, Italian-style!  A little boy was having so much fun and the little toddler girl came over to peak in to see what exactly he was doing!


There were so many, many dogs at the festival. I think I must have seen nearly a dozen little chihuahuas. Then there was this large beagle patiently awaiting his or her master who was inside a local bagel shop.


There were so many motorcycles. Bikers from all over seem to favor a drive to this area for the festival. Who could blame them as they pass through some of the most scenic places in all of New York state?



The Sherriff’s office had a large presence at the festival, as well as New York State Troopers.


Along Main Street, this little gem seemed to call out for everyone’s attention.


It is a custom build for sale for a mere $41,000.00.  I think we will be sticking with our trucks, although this is really unique!


As I sauntered along the sidewalk, I came across a couple called Celtic Spirit.  Their music was quite lovely, indeed.


Did I mention that this festival draws more than 100,000 people each year? For a tiny village, that is a lot of people! (and cars!)


Wow, there was a vendor selling sweaters and yarns made with alpaca yarns, and these lucky alpacas got to come along to experience the grape festival! They seemed so placid and content.


At this point, my feet were developing blisters on the bottoms! I had (foolishly) worn a pair of flip flops because I didn’t want to wear sneakers, as my feet would get too hot walking around.

I passed Cindy’s house as I went back to the car. Wow! A line of people waiting to buy pies and goodies!


And just look at all of those juicy grapes just waiting to be made into Cindy’s filling!


I saw both sherriff deputies and state troopers riding on bicycles. These two are troopers’ bikes.


I walked back to the car to rest my weary feet. As I passed the purple fire hydrants, I couldn’t help but muse whether Naples is the only town with such amenities.


Once back at the car, I came to the realization that there were several Eastern Bluebirds flitting about around me! I climbed out of the car, feet screaming out and blazing, with camera in hand. I mounted the long lens on the camera and only hoped I could get one decent shot. Living in the woods, we don’t have these birds nearby.

I was thrilled beyond imagination when I saw these pictures. The little Bluebird perched itself so wonderfully in front of this dead area on the tree, making focussing much easier!



I sincerely hope that my glimpse into this festival gave you a good sense of “being there” along with me!

Naples Grape Festival

Yesterday morning, I leaned out of our bedroom window and took a picture of this pretty maple tree that is showing some serious fall color! It is rather strange how most trees are remaining green, but with small patches of color scattered here and there.


Michelle had to go down to Naples in the morning, so I wandered around a little with camera in hand to give an idea of the festivities.


Everyone along Main Street must offer up their lawn between the sidewalk and road for vendors.  The whole street becomes a sea of tents offering all sorts of items for sale….many hand-crafted, many imported.


And, as with any festival, there is a generous offering of all varieties of food. (didn’t see any Haggis offered, though!)


Even the local ski mountain gets a little unmanned advertising!





Because hot air balloons are an integral part of life in the Finger Lakes region, even little balloons are offered up for sale. I love the bright colors here…


As an aside, we had to make a trip to Canandaigua last night after we left Naples.  As we sat eating some fast food, we spotted a balloon hovering above Canandaigua. Night was fast approaching…by the time we were done eating, the balloon was no longer afloat, so I have no picture.

As I walked about the festival, my eyes became riveted on a vendor selling clothing from India. I LOVE many of the styles, as they are “softer…..more flowing and feminine”.  I don’t wear slacks or jeans very often, as I love skirts and feel more comfortable in them.

As I browsed around in the clothing, I found a couple of blouses and a skirt. I took them to the table to pay.  I was standing there, awaiting my receipt, when my eyes fell  upon a box with what looked like a stuffed animal in it! But no! It was a real little doggie! I asked the woman about it, and she told me they were from Florida. The dog is 18 years old, and they couldn’t leave her behind with their other three dogs!


Walking along the sidewalks, one is always assured to see unique things. This little car was one such curiosity! I am not sure what the “theme” is…perhaps cartoons?


Once again, I only wish I could send a bit more of the “essence” over cyberspace. As you can see, most of these pictures were taken from a distance. Today, I am heading down with the kids…I am hoping to have some more pictures, spotlighting some of the vendors I found to be interesting!