Photo Hunters…Original

Anyone who knows me knows how important my Scotties are to me! I also love making things. Yes, my hands are frequently busy making something.

One day, as I was with my kids in the Dollar Tree, I saw some cute little bells for Christmas decorating.  Suddenly, I imagined one of those bells with a wee little Scottie on top of it!

I began seeking a medium and found it in Sculpey polymer clay! Thus, my “Scottie Bell” was born….


And why stop with one? So, I began making little Scottie “fronts” and “backs” whenever I sat down for a few minutes!


I had to shape the Scotties, bake them, then paint them. And, of course, I decided to even paint some of the bells to give them an “antique” appearance!

My hobby sort of turned into an addiction!


Yes, I now have about 200 Scotties looking for homes!  I have a Scottie Christmas tree and a couple more tins with MORE Scotties!

And that is my original!