Behind the Curtain?

The weather today was like a seesaw. This morning, it was bright and sunny, then dark and gloomy.  After a little while, the sun came out and the blue skies reigned.  Then this afternoon, it became dark and cloudy once again. Even though it was dark, the sky didn’t look especially threatening, so when Ben said he wanted to ride his bike, I told him I would take him to the bike trail.

 As we were climbing the hill to the bike path, the fog began to suddenly rise up. I was a bit reluctant, but Ben assured me that all the trees in the woods would be giving off so much oxygen, the fog would be minimal. I laughed at his explanation, wondering if today might be a repeat of yesterday’s misadventure!  I wouldn’t be quite as cheerful if I had to travel in a mist so thick one could cut it, though…


Yes, the above photo is of the pine trees across the road from where we parked the car! That was probably less than 20 feet away!

Ben hopped right out of the car and was ready to ride in a flash. I got out and began to follow.  Before I got very far, I saw this pretty Autumn leaf staring up at me! 


 That was the last of the photos! I only hesitated a few seconds to take the picture when I heard Ben call out to me.

I am totally unsure if he was afraid I might get lost or not, but today, Ben stuck very near me! The atmospheric pressure was such that I found myself swallowing hard to pop my ears. As a result of the thickened air,  the woods was almost eerily still and quiet. The slightest snapping of a branch on the path sounded like gunshot.  As I walked in the woods, I was surprised that Ben was correct in that the dense fog was not present at all. It was as though we had stepped behind the curtain

The path is really beautiful and nicely done for walking, but a bicyclist must have some skill and agility, as there are roots and embedded rocks along the way.  We bought Ben a mountain bike so he could specifically ride such trails and it is rewarding to see that he is able to do so well!

As we progressed, Ben said he knew exactly where I made my mistake yesterday. We approached the area, and sure enough, he was right.  The sign states that the bike path runs left and right.  Since I figured Ben wanted to maximize the experience, he would go left. And, he did! However, he soon figured out that the path was NOT the bike path, as the markers went from the yellow for bikes to orange for hikers. The  real stinker was, though, there were two trees clearly marked at the beginning, designating it as a bike path.  So, I wasn’t totally at fault yesterday, nor was my Nikon! haha!

We began our return trip back, and I encouraged Ben to go ahead on the downhill sections because I know how much fun it is to glide down hills. He never did get too far ahead of me before he would stop and wait.

Near the end of the path,  he told me he would meet me at the car, and I told him that was fine. I passed a large growth of berry bushes and caught sight of a little chickadee. I walked closely near the bush and called out to the little bird. To my utter amazement, the little bird hopped onto a branch within about 2 feet of me! I talked to my little feathered friend and it appeared to listen. However, when I pulled the camera up near my face, it immediately flew away. Too bad…it was such an unusual moment.

As I finished the last leg, I bounced along the path feeling somewhat a mix of Doctor Doolittle and Pocahontas. Ah yes, that little influx of Algonquin blood coursing through my veins causes me to love nature so much.  It was just then that I heard Ben calling out to me from a fog more intense than when we had begun. I shamefully hung my head and called back, telling Ben I had taken the wrong path, but was only a few yards from the car which was totally invisible.  When I made it to the car, Ben merely shook his head….

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  1. I can’t believe I forgot to mention in this post….I wish I could send the aroma rising from the earth! It had rained before we entered the trail, and it was a mix of earth, downed leaves (although most are still green, as you can see) and even a bit of pine as there are pines scattered infrequently. Between the scent, the nearly “deafening” stillness, and the lush green ferns, it was almost surreal.

    At the end of my walk, I ran my fingers through my hair. Although there was no rain in the air, apparently there was a “mist” in the air. My hair was damp!

    I was so reluctant to even enter the woods, but now I am so happy we went. It was a great little trip!

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