If You Attend the Naples Grape Festival this Weekend

You will probably be tempted to pick up a grape pie. Being quite a “grape addict” myself, I literally drool at the thought of one of these tasty pastries! And, it just so happens a dear friend of mine (whom I think of as a sister!) makes some of the best grape pies in Naples!

If you have attended the Grape Festival in past years, you might have noticed the large yellow sign parked near the Naples High School.  The sign directs you to Cindy’s Grape Pies. If you follow that sign, you will end up here…..


Yup, this is where Cindy lives with her husband, Jon, and their sweet little “furkid”, Jack. They live in the brown house with the beautiful lush garden of flowers surrounding the house. And, as you walk up to the front door, you will be greeted here at the double Dutch door…


Chances are, Cindy won’t answer the door, as she is chief pie-maker and will be very busy making even more pies!  But I am pretty sure if you look over the Dutch door, you will see her at her craft, as her workstation is in line with the door!


If you are anything like me, making a pie involves a great deal of work. There is the decision to make the pie….then, one must hunt for a recipe for the pastry.  Of course, yet another recipe must be secured  for the filling. Then, all the ingredients must be gathered together and so on and so on. By the time I am finished with my one *meager* pie, an entire day has passed and I feel so successful as my family gingerly downs the labor of my hands!

 And then, there is Cindy…………..


Yes, this is what she would consider a small amount of dough!  And, do you see the size of the bowl of grape filling?


I cannot believe the ease with which Cindy rolls out the crust! She just flops a piece of dough down, rolls it out, and flips it into an awaiting tin! And, the most amazing thing about Cindy is that she can talk and visit as she works!


I met Cindy about nine years ago at church. She is one most delightful individuals  I have ever met! Always a smile on her face, and a friendly word,  it is so much fun to visit with Cindy!


Such a dear and humble piemaker!




Goodness, I think I am going into pie withdrawal just looking at these photos!


Cindy makes large grape pies, small grape pies, grape tarts, grape bread, grape coffee cake, and grape-filled cookies. (if grape pie is too much grape for you, try the cookies….they are delicious!!!)


 And, where you find Cindy, you will certainly see her sidekick, Jack!


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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos of Cindy and her pies. They truly are the best in the world! I don’t know who judges those annual Naples grape pie contests, but if it was up to me, Cindy would win every year!

  2. Madeline, I agree that Cindy’s pies are the best! Have you also tried her cookies? Oh GADS, are they GOOD!!! I also think that Cindy should win LOTS of awards for her pies. But…I got it straight from her….she has been making pies for 29 YEARS! No wonder they are so good!!!!

  3. …I can not attend the festival, but I DID get my 1st supply (last week) of some big and small ,unbaked and frozen pies and also got the a few of the GREAT little grape tarts. these make a great gift and are great for a quick bite ANY time. Have been coming to Cindy’s for at least the last 10 years.. It’s a nice ride from Rochester and the scenery to get there is great too ;especially in the Fall- time. Her pies remind me of the wonderful pies my mom used to make for me and our family. . .Cindy should never be ‘blue’ (or should I say, “purple”) in the face, to say she makes and bakes pies for a living…… KEEP UP THE GREAT BAKING. …mmmmmmm good!!!

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