Ontario County Park

Today, the calendar announced that this is the first day of Autumn. Our temperatures, however, clearly call out, “Summer”! Although the mercury rose up to near 80 degrees, the day was rather clear and the sky, well, it was just a marvelous blue!

I looked at my camera sitting in the Explorer beside me and thought about how nice it would be to take some pictures from Ontario County Park. This park is located in the Town of South Bristol and is known for being the highest elevation in Ontario County at 2,256 feet above sea level.  I looked on the web, and discovered the prerequisite for a “mountain”, as defined by Encyclopaedia Britannica, is that the height must be over 2,000 feet.  With that definition in mind, Ontario County Park is located at the top of Gannett Hill Road.

As I walked away from the car, I understood why Mark had told me several times that I really should take photos from this park! The views are breathtaking! I don’t know just how far we could see, but it just might well be into the next county!


There is a baseball diamond located in the park. These are the rather “humble” bleachers available to onlookers, but with the view in the distance, I know I would be hard-pressed to concentrate on the game!


This is the view from the bleachers….


There are two heated pavilions that I believe are available for gatherings year-round. You can see the large tower behind one of them.


And a closeup of the red light that flashes atop the tower at night, warning aircraft not to get too close!


There are several open pavilions available for picnics.


Doesn’t this look like a fabulous spot to have a picnic on a chilly Autumn day? I think one of these days when it cools down, we will put together a picnic and just go and enjoy the fresh air!


Another glorious view. Everywhere one turns in this park, there is just more beauty!


There are also hiking trails and bike trails located at this park. I decided to venture down the path to the “lookout”….



The lookout offers a spectacular view from the other side of this “mountain”. I took a photo looking down into the valley below. The house in the photo is not a small one! It is actually quite large. If you click on the photo and enlarge it, you can see how the telephone poles even look like “toothpicks”!


In looking over towards the southwest, one can see a ski area.  This was a private ski club and I am unsure if it is still operational.


As I was leaving the park,  I passed by another beautiful area in the form of a picture-perfect pond!


Looking northeast across the pond,  there is an area visible for camping. The sites are very nice and the price is very reasonable.  There is a building with restrooms and showers for campers.  Today, there was only one fifth wheel parked in the camping area.


As I walked back to get into the Explorer, I loved the way this tree was reflected in the windows!  Ah, just another beautiful day, in and out of the Bristolwood!


And the Moon

Even the Full Moon graced the Bristolwood, casting shadows in the woodland and washing the meadows in its muted luminescence. The tree frogs chirped, and the sounds of insects added to the nocturnal orchestration and all was well as yet another day came to a close……


If You Attend the Naples Grape Festival this Weekend

You will probably be tempted to pick up a grape pie. Being quite a “grape addict” myself, I literally drool at the thought of one of these tasty pastries! And, it just so happens a dear friend of mine (whom I think of as a sister!) makes some of the best grape pies in Naples!

If you have attended the Grape Festival in past years, you might have noticed the large yellow sign parked near the Naples High School.  The sign directs you to Cindy’s Grape Pies. If you follow that sign, you will end up here…..


Yup, this is where Cindy lives with her husband, Jon, and their sweet little “furkid”, Jack. They live in the brown house with the beautiful lush garden of flowers surrounding the house. And, as you walk up to the front door, you will be greeted here at the double Dutch door…


Chances are, Cindy won’t answer the door, as she is chief pie-maker and will be very busy making even more pies!  But I am pretty sure if you look over the Dutch door, you will see her at her craft, as her workstation is in line with the door!


If you are anything like me, making a pie involves a great deal of work. There is the decision to make the pie….then, one must hunt for a recipe for the pastry.  Of course, yet another recipe must be secured  for the filling. Then, all the ingredients must be gathered together and so on and so on. By the time I am finished with my one *meager* pie, an entire day has passed and I feel so successful as my family gingerly downs the labor of my hands!

 And then, there is Cindy…………..


Yes, this is what she would consider a small amount of dough!  And, do you see the size of the bowl of grape filling?


I cannot believe the ease with which Cindy rolls out the crust! She just flops a piece of dough down, rolls it out, and flips it into an awaiting tin! And, the most amazing thing about Cindy is that she can talk and visit as she works!


I met Cindy about nine years ago at church. She is one most delightful individuals  I have ever met! Always a smile on her face, and a friendly word,  it is so much fun to visit with Cindy!


Such a dear and humble piemaker!




Goodness, I think I am going into pie withdrawal just looking at these photos!


Cindy makes large grape pies, small grape pies, grape tarts, grape bread, grape coffee cake, and grape-filled cookies. (if grape pie is too much grape for you, try the cookies….they are delicious!!!)


 And, where you find Cindy, you will certainly see her sidekick, Jack!