Why A Camera is “Very” Personal Property…

Yesterday was an exceedingly *bad, ugly, miserable* day at our house. There was no apparent reason, it was just one of those days when nothing gets done, and what little we tried  to do, ended up nothing more than a magnificent mess. Even dinner was a loss…

Enter today. Clean slate. Brand spanking new. Fresh start!

We went outside and cleaned the pool and got it ready for winterization. I have been wanting to get this done for days now, so I am relieved it is nearly completely accomplished now.  One goal down!

I talked to Mark and after last’s night’s dinner fiasco, we decided to grab some Chinese for dinner. We worked to try to finish before 3 so we could get a lunch special.  As the time was getting shorter and shorter,  I went upstairs to change my clothes and EWWWWW! Mr. Angus decided that since no one was around to take him outside to relieve himself, he would do so at the top of the stairs! I got the cleaning supplies and told Mark he had better just pick up the Chinese and bring it home.

After he left, I finished cleaning the mess, then remembered all of the bees that were busily gathering pollen while we were working on the pool! I thought that perhaps I would use the old Olympus camera and get some nice micro shots! Last year, I had captured some beauties!

I took the camera and found a spot where the bees were still occupied. I was so happy. For a short time.  I noticed the “low battery’ lamp flashing at me.  Nuts! I took a few more pictures, thinking I would just use the camera until it died, as I do have an AC power cord for it as well.

So, here are some of my lovely results.


Yes, the sky was intensely blue today. But, why are the TREES blue as well?


Huh? The leaves on the plants are blue?


And the aster is blue?

Harrumph! Mark asked if he could use the camera several days ago. We have been doing some work  photographing small objects and Mark was trying out using a light box.  That bugger went and messed with the white balance settings on the Olympus and forgot to set them back!!!

As soon as Mark and Ben are back, I am going to eat my Chinese, then GO TO BED! At least there, I can HIDE from any further MESSES!!!!!!

And, remember, TOMORROW is a new day!   (yeah, right…..)