Travels from the Bristolwood South to North!

This morning, I had to make a trip south to Naples.  As I drove rather closely to a vineyard, I was absolutely compelled to hop out of the Explorer and take a picture of these grapes! They are hanging in great clusters like a huge pendant on a necklace! Oh, how tempted I was to grab a handful and inhale their sweetness…..but, of course, I did not!


The vineyard made me think that perhaps I should take a shot of Widmer’s! Widmer’s is a winery located right in the heart of the little town of Naples. They manufacture wine under several different names, as indicated on the sign below.  As you can see, Naples is situated in a valley….the trees down there are turning colors ahead of ours in the higher elevations.



It was, yet again, a simply gorgeous autumn day, complete with sunshine, crystal blue skies, and temperatures that were not too warm, but certainly not chilly, either.   It was the type of day that just makes me want to wander! (our temps are supposed to be climbing back towards the 80’s once again this week)

As I *wandered* back up the hill towards our house, I passed this lovely trio!


And, still further up the hill, I passed the scenic overlook.  The lake was looking quite superb!



Perhaps some of my wanderlust brushed off on Mark (or maybe the glorious golden sunlight passing through the windows!), as he said that perhaps we should visit the new Olive Garden Italian Restaurant  to our north!

As we pulled into the parking lot, we were reminded that just this past spring,  this whole area was torn apart as construction was just beginning!  You can see the stone wall all along the hill in this photo; the wall was built without  mortar. I know this, as I got out and examined it one afternoon when Mark said he thought it was a dry laid wall. I didn’t believe it until I saw it up close. And Mark was correct. There is some mortar at the very top…I guess to reinforce it so the top doesn’t tumble.


As we walked in, I couldn’t believe that this restaurant is brand new…..the landscaping and building look as though they have been there for a long time.  This town is strict in their building ordinances.  The new buildings mostly have an almost “colonial” look to them. However, this restaurant is located next to a very old and historical “cobblestone” building that is quite old. That building was bought by Starbuck’s.   The most “telling” sign of the restaurant’s “newness” is the banner out front announcing, “Now Open”!



The inside of the restaurant was as beautiful as the outside, and Italian music played! I felt a bit awkward taking a photo inside, as customers soon filled the place and legions of waiters and waitresses were everywhere! I did take this one picture, and I think you can get a taste of the “cozy” atmosphere”.


We arrived at about 3:45, so we were in time for lunch. I chose the MOST delicious meal of all!  As we left the restaurant, we were all groaning from overeating! (never-ending salad and breadsticks ABOUND!)

We had a few errands to run while we were out, and by the time we arrived home, it was getting dark.  Days like this are just so special, one really hates to see them end!