Today marks six years ago that the United States watched in horror as planes slammed into the Twin Towers in New York City.  Later in the day, we learned about yet another plane that went down in an obscure little “place” somewhere in Pennsylvania. The media reported that brave men aboard that flight attacked the hyjackers and brought the plane down in Pennsylvania, instead of in Washington, DC, which was its purported destination.

Somehow, I cannot refer to today as an “anniversary”;  in my own mind, an anniversary is a time of celebration and happiness…

Instead, today, I will pray for the families touched by this horrendous attack.  The American people have been referred to as cowards by our attackers.  What irony that they choose to call us that…they didn’t attack with plans to destroy an army. Instead, they killed civilians. How brave. How courageous.

I choose not to state my own political bent here, because I have heard it all. There are so many vocal people telling what they believe, so I will just decline comment and allow them their right to freedom of speech. I only want to encourage others who are so inclined, to lift a prayer heavenward today, in remembrance…..