Wringing Out!

We have been experiencing some almost drought-like conditions the past few weeks. Every time the weatherman gave the forecast for rain, I would look anxiously upwards, but we would be fortunate if we received some sprinkles.  Because we are surrounded by lots of deciduous trees, our lawn remained nice and green and it actually did grow.  Only a short distance from our home, lawns were so dry and brittle, they almost looked as though they were screaming out to water them!

When we took the kids out for the very long day on Saturday,  as we drove closer to our home, the rain diminished until it came to the point that there was no longer any water on the road, nor on the sides of the road.  I felt that “feeling” of well, we missed out again setting in, but then yesterday, it rained! It rained and rained. Then it stopped for a bit. Then it rained again! All day long, the earth swallowed up along, cold drink…and in the evening, that wonderful damp earthen smell filled the air!

Look at the hydrangea leaves….they look as though they are cupped, trying to catch as much of the cool refreshment as they can!


This cluster of daisies I removed from a hanging planter seemed to endure the dry desert like conditions so well,  but as the rain dripped off their bright yellow, heads, they looked especially pretty!


The coneflowers also seem to withstand abusive dryness without complaining, but seeing the flowers all sleek and wet from rain just makes them so much more appealing…


I had a bucket on the back deck and when I measured the water in it this morning, there was about 2 inches of rain in it. That is quite a watering to get in one dose, but we are so grateful for this refreshing dousing! One of the best benefits, however, was that the temperatures have retreated to a far kinder and more autumnal range.

We are supposed to get some more rain tomorrow and I will happily receive it!  This afternoon, I sat outside, doing some grading on schoolwork for the kids and I heard a little chickadee chirping and singing….I do believe he was joining right along with me, giving thanks to the Good Lord for this time of refreshing!