Forced Relaxation!

Yes, that is what I will call yesterday.

The day began early in the morning, getting up at about 5:45, to clean and straighten the house up. I cannot leave things out of place and a mess…if I return to a messy house, I want to just want to turn around and walk back out the door!

I made sure everyone was up by 8, and we spent an hour getting ready. We filled the cooler with waters and sodas, leashed the Scots, grabbed all the necessities of the day, and we were ready to go! Of course, we didn’t forget the new cell phones!


We left the house and went to Naples to pick up the kids’ friend, and we were off for the day.

We drove almost an hour and a half to a soccer field so the kids could watch their friends play. This was a league made up of homeschooling kids from the area…the girls played a game first, then the boys. The kids went off with their other friends who were watching, and Mark and I drove to a shopping area nearby.

I ran into TJ Maxx, as I wanted to get two outfits for a friend’s daughter’s new twin sons!  The little ones were in some serious trouble during the final stages of pregnancy, but with a great deal of bedrest for Mom,  some hospital time, and medical intervention, the duo were born fine!

After that, I returned some items to Lowe’s from the work on Mark’s mom’s house, and then we parked near a “Wi Fi hotspot” and had some fun with the new phones! Mark showed me several things I could do with the new phone….yes, he is a techno Geek!!! The kids called at about 2:00, and said they were ready for us to pick them up.

As we went to get them, the rain began.  The kids had plans to visit a nearby mall, so we gave them some money for lunch, and they were off again!  Mark and I parked again, and played with the phones some more! I had fun looking at blogs…gads, how weird? fun! is that?

We picked the kids back up again at about 5:30. Then, we headed to Bath to take them to the teen skate at the Family Life Center.  They were there from 7:00 until 10:00. Mark and I drove to a McDonald’s not far away, and we watched TV from our home on the phone! We giggled and tee-heed at these amazing “phones”. They really are small computers that can do so many things.

We picked the kids up shortly after 10:00. Poor Mark….they were so hyped up from the excitement of seeing all of their friends they haven’t seen since last May! They sang, they hollered, and they jabbered the entire way home. We got home a little after 11:00, and needless to say, the lights went off almost immediately!

Ah, such a restful day!

A Tasty Trip to Naples!

After seeing my poor condition from the heat the previous day, Mark thought perhaps I should go to Naples on Friday to pick up some subs from Subway. That was a splendid idea, because Friday was a repeat of Thursday, and I was rapidly fading!

Naples is a small town to our south.  Our region covers a rather large territory, referred to as the Finger Lakes.  Although New York state is blessed with several beautiful regions, the Finger Lakes attracts people from all over the US, as well as the world, as it offers so many wonderful diversions.  One of the most alluring attractions is the vineyards.


Naples is the home of Widmer Wines. Hmmm….I was going to make a link just then, but was advised you must be 21 years old to enter. Well, I am well over 21, but I guess if you want to see the site, you may Google “Widmer Wine Cellars”.

We live a few miles from Naples, and Naples is located in the lowlands, in a valley. When the atmospheric conditions are just right, on a clear day with little or no winds, the scent of the grapes rises up from the valley floor, and the sweet scent is nearly intoxicating!

Naples is referred to as  “Little Switzerland” as it is faced by several grand “hills” around it, formed by glaciers .  Autumn is definately the season to witness this little community, as the surrounding hills are ablaze in color, adding even more appeal!  Canandaigua Lake’s southernmost end nearly reaches this little town. Along route 21, in the small area called Woodville, there is a boat launch.  If you stop at the launch area and look up, the hills seem simply amazing! In Autmn, the scenery is guaranteed to nearly take your breath away! 

 Every year, visitors are dazzled by the Naples Grape Festival; the dates this year are September 29 and 30.  This “little” event draws over 100,000 people and is the highlight of the year for this community. All along Main Street, vendor tents fill lawns, the smell of food is almost more than one can bear, and traffic comes to nearly a complete halt!

I went to Subway and got the subs, and on the way back home, decided I would stop by my friend Cindy’s house and buy a grape pie. Yes, Naples is also famous for its grape pies!

As I pulled up to Cindy’s house, this is who greeted me on the side deck!


The two large dogs, (brown and white) were Cindy’s son’s large poodles! There is also a smaller poodle there, on the right, which is Cindy’s  little fellow named Jack. They were all so sweet and friendly!

I got to visit with Cindy and her husband, John, for a few minutes.  I picked up a pie and then headed back home. If you have never had grape pie…and I suppose few people have!….it is indescribible! Think of Welch’s Grape Jelly….