To say I *really* dislike summer and summer weather would be grievously understating my displeasure as well as discomfort that directly correlate with the mercury rising in that little bulb on the thermometer!!!

The weather forecast for today on my computer (Weatherbug) featured a little logo of a cactus in the blazing sun. The high was supposed to get near 90. Knowing how thrilled I am with heat, I will never know how Mark talked me into working in the (BLAZING!!!) sun today!

We arrived at my mother-in-law’s home before 11 this morning and began working right away. The photo below is of the stairs we were repairing. Mark and the kids had pressure-washed them about a month ago, so they look rather pathetic!


Mark removed the handrail on Tuesday, as one of the uprights that attaches to the side rails needed to be replaced. It had basically rotted to the point that it was literally falling apart in our hands.

At the top of the stairs, the wood had rotted terribly. There are big 2×10’s that cantilever out from the back of the house, supporting a lovely sunroom.  The 2×10’s are doubled up on the outsides, so the 2×10 that was exposed to the weather had been worn and began to disintegrate. Mark said to cut out a section of the board would compromise its strength, so he thought we should fill it with a fiberglass compound made for such applications.

Below is a closeup of the rot on the 2×10. When the kids pressure-washed, they blew out all the bad wood inside this area, rather like a dentist removing decay in a tooth!


Mark mixed up batch after batch of fiberglass compound for me to “stuff” inside the bad area and to slowly build it up. It was a two-part mix with the fiberglass as one part and the hardening agent as the other. Between the heat of the sun and the smell of the compound, my head began to pound. I worked in the wonderful sun until about 2 or 2:30.  Below is the net result of my labor! (oh, the reason for several small batches is because after five minutes, the stuff hardens like a ROCK!)


We brought the Scotties with us, as we had no idea how long we would be gone. It was a good thing, as we arrived home at nearly 9:30.

As I was working on the repair, Michelle had gotten a kiddie pool out of the shed and set it up in the yard. The Scotties each got a bath, and I think they rather enjoyed the cool water on this hot, hot day!

Mark had decided that we should replace the bolts that hold the stairs in place….Good thing, huh?


Ben replaced all of the lag bolts and then we replaced the rotted upright and attached the handrail once again.  As Mark was working with the kids for a few minutes, I went over and took a picture of one of my mother-in-law’s beautiful blue hydrangeas.


After I had finished doing the fiberglass repair, I took it easy.  One of the reasons that I have such an aversion to the heat is the fact that my body refuses to sweat. Instead, I keep getting hotter and hotter. Then, the headache begins, dizziness, and just a miserable feeling. It takes a cool bath to get me back to normal again. If I go into cool air conditioning, I generally get chilled and feel REALLY bad!

We began cleanup and assessed the job. We figure that we will need to come one more day for sanding and applying the primer. Then, one final day to paint the whole thing!

When we arrived home, I looked at Weatherbug..oh boy! Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer than today!  Arrrgghhhh!!!