What a Busy Day…

Wow! Yesterday was such a busy day! Mark had a mid morning dental appointment, so we left the house at about 9:30.  While Mark went into the dentist, (Ben went in to help him) Michelle and I shopped a little.  I always think about changing the flowers on my father-in-law’s grave for the fall, but we always seem so busy, the red, white, and blue arrangement I make for Memorial Day remains until around Christmas time.

I was so happy to find some lovely fall colored flowers yesterday. Mark had made arrangements for us to go to his mom’s house to do some work on a set of stairs that needed some repair and paint.  On the way to her home, we stopped at the cemetery to place the flowers on the grave.


Mark’s dad had bought his plot some time ago. He always told Mark it was located in a beautiful spot with a crab-apple tree and a pretty bench nearby.


He was a Korean War vet,  so he is located in that section of the cemetery. Below is a tribute to fallen Korean War veterans.


We worked at my mother-in-law’s house until nearly 7:00. She had a spot where the weather had really messed up the wood.  Mark worked mixing up a putty while I globbed it into the cavities in the wood.  Mark also had to cut some new pieces of wood to replace some ill-fitting pieces.  Mark and the kids had pressure washed the stairs over a month ago,  so we just need to do the filling and sanding, then we can begin priming everything.

It seems like we didn’t get much done yesterday, but this kind of work takes so much time and patience! We just want to get it finished before the cooler weather sets in.

Last night, when we got home, I turned on the laptop and realized I needed a Wordless Wednesday photo! I have so many pictures, but I wanted something special! I hunted about in photos I took this same time last year, and came up with my bumblebee on the aster.  That picture has got to be one of my very favorite photos. I took it with my old Olympus C 5050 zoom set in macro mode. I loved taking bee pictures last year. Bumblebees seem to be very tolerant of being photographed, or, perhaps they are so busy with their pollen mission, they don’t have time to bother anyone. I actually bumped a couple of bumblebees last year. I leaned in just a bit too far! Thankfully, they never retaliated!

This morning, I went out to the front woods as there was something there I wanted to photograph. Can you guess what this is?


It is NOT a dandelion!


As you can see by the leaves, it is a thistle. It was so pretty standing there in the woods against the greenery.  Don’t look too closely….as I began to photograph it, the wind began to blow causing it to sway back and forth! Kind of hard to “catch” a moving object with a big lens on the camera!

Tomorrow, we will go back to my mother-in-law’s house to see if we can get to the point that we may prime the whole kit and kaboodle! With temperatures promised of climbing high into the 80’s, I am hoping we can work quickly!!!