Labor Day Adventures!

Yesterday was Labor Day in the US. We had tentatively planned to take the kids to Darien Lake, but weren’t sure.  Mark had been feeling quite poorly on Sunday. In fact, one of the events I had planned for the weekend was canceled for us….

This weekend was also the great Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival! Mark loves, loves, loves chicken wings.  He attended the University of Buffalo, and while there, became enamored with those tiny wings smothered and dripping in sauce that would make a “wimp” run!

We had thought that after Saturday morning’s balloon outing, we would hook up the camper and head to the park for a couple of days; it just didn’t work out as we thought.

Mark felt much better yesterday, so we were on our way, leaving the Scotties kenneled.


The park was packed when we arrived,  but the lines didn’t seem too bad. The weather was absolutely superb. We could not have ordered better weather! Mark and I just kind of hung back while the kids rode.

The roller coaster below is Michelle’s favorite.  It is a rather rickety behemoth that sounds like it is falling apart!


This planting of red begonias looked aflame with color. The flowers all look especially beautiful. I think it is the lowering sun that washes everything in a different light!


This fountain in the lake is always eye-catching. With the tree framing it, doesn’t that bench look inviting?


This picture appears to be overexposed, but look at those black-eyed Susans. They look like they are going to jump right out at you!


We had a delightful day, and as we drove back towards home, I was anxious to see the Scotties.

When I unlocked the door and opened it,  instead of two kenneled boys, I was greeted at the door by a rather bouncing Angus! His little tailed whipped about happily as I came through the door. Murphy, still in his crate, gave a loud “Rrrr…..rrrr…..rrrrroooooo!!”, as though telling on his “brother”! Angus, being the elder, and less adventurous Scottie did just fine outside of the crate. Upon inspection, we discovered that a couple of the parts that lock into place weren’t together, and Angus discovered that in leaning against the end of the crate, it “popped” open….leading him to freedom!