A Birdseye View of the Bristolwood

When I was a little girl,  one of my fondest wishes was to have “sky blue” eyes!  Well, why not? My eyes are blue, after all!  Yes, blue is my favorite color and when the skies shine with that intense sapphire color, I just want to capture it so I can enjoy it over and over and over again…

So, with beautiful skies above me, I decided to give you a little look at what our world looks like.

If you come to our house from the west, you will have to climb up the road to get here. This is a picture of the scenery from the bottom of our driveway…


And if you choose to arrive from the east, you  must descend to reach our home…


This is looking up the driveway from the road.  I will give you a clue. The house is nearly in the center of this picture!


 I walked about halfway up the driveway to take another picture of the house. And you can see that we really love our woods so much!


With the sky so intensely blue, and the clouds so irresistably white,  how could anyone NOT want sky blue eyes, anyway?