Photo Hunters…Happy



 The theme “Happy” made me think of lots of things I could have used….pictures of my kids, my husband, my Scotties….

But, as I thought about Happy, I realized that one great sources of happiness in this life is my camera!!! So, I submit a picture of my “toybox”.  Nearly everywhere I go,  my toybox accompanies me. To the point that my family only groans instead of asking when I appear ready to travel in the truck!!!

My New Beehive….

Well, technically neither “bee” nor “hive”…..


This is what I saw as I turned into our driveway after my little outing yesterday.  I kept wondering what the “ball” was on the lines….I had to walk up the road a bit to photograph this, as I didn’t have my telephoto lens on at the time. As I looked up, I realized I was looking at a paper wasps’ nest.

This isn’t the first time we have seen these nests hanging about. They are usually found drooping off trees. This was was neatly placed on the wires.  


 This morning, I walked down by the pole and photographed the nest with the telephoto lens….look at the size of this thing!  Hmmmm….do you suppose the cable company might object to their equipment being used in such a manner? If so, I wonder if they might send someone out to remove the nest!


 Okay, enough of that! This is the type of insect I would rather photograph! (taken as I was walking back up from the road)


Totally off the topic of bees and insects, this afternoon, it became as dark as night outside. The thunder began to rumble, then lightning was flashing about here and there.  The Scotties, who are never disturbed by thunder, huddled closely to me as the thunder became startlingly loud!!! The skies opened up, and the rain poured down!!! The picture below was taken during this bout of “showers” that the weatherman called for!!!


You can see it was rather dark outside. After about an hour of this (although the rain did curtail quite a bit) the sky lightened back up and we resumed more typical daylight!!!!

Great Parrot Paradise!

Ah yes, I drove into the parking lot, parked the car, and went inside to buy the Scotties their beloved “cookies”.  (otherwise known as contraband that will cause the boys to do most anything we want them to do!!!)

As I was picking out the bags, I heard a lot of commotion over in the “bird’ section of the store. Well, I love birds. I love the noises they make, the colorful plummage, and well….I just love them.

As I walked over, I kept saying, “Oh, you are such pretty birds!” Suddenly, I heard, “Hello!”. I turned my head in the direction of the voice, when another voice….different from the first….uttered “Hello!”. As I stood and watched, for only a brief time, it became obvious that each of these little individuals was totally unique!

There were several birds, and several varieties. Each was more beautiful than the next, and their curiosity made me giggle to myself from time to time!

I so wanted to capture just a little of their marvelous essence on the camera, so I asked the man at the checkout if I might take some pictures. He said “Sure!” without any hesitation.  I nearly danced out to the car, swooped up my camera, changed the lens, then went inside to “visit” with these characters!

These Cockatoos were the greeting committee.


The Macaw below was one of a few. Gads, they were SO loud! They were not allowed to leave their cages. In looking at the size of their beaks, maybe this was for the better!!! They surely do have beautiful faces, though!


I think this is a cockatoo. This one was like a gang leader, showing me around.  It was looking at me with its head turned, but as soon as I snapped the picture, it turned its head….”So…what do you WANT from me?”


These little innocents are very colorful, adding to their “cuteness”. They were also quite inquisitive. So much so, one flew over and landed atop my camera for a few seconds. I was laughing so hard at this point, the poor birds must have thought I had lost my mind!


Several birds were aloft in high places. There, they preened themselves and observed from above!


This guy grabbed a nugget of food, then used its claw to hold on while it nibbled.


As you can see, appearance is of prime importance to this group. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!


And this gray parrot (African Gray?) was content to chew away at the wooden perch.


This was one of the most fun times I have had with “animals”. Yes, I know, they are birds. Who would have known they are such characters?

Errand Day…

Today was supposed to be a rather busy day. The kids had planned to go to the theatre with a friend, and Mark and I had a lot of errands to accomplish.

When we got up this morning, Mark was coughing some and just not feeling very well. I have had a little trouble breathing as well, so the kids canceled their plans. I felt terrible, but sometimes I feel as though I need to *gulp* for air!

The one thing that seems to help me feel better is getting out into the fresh air. It just seems like I can breath better outside. Mark, therefore, asked if I might try to run the errands we had. I said I would try…..After getting ready, I was on my way, list a mile long in hand.

Mark’s one request was that I not stress and that I take my time. This request was probably exactly what I needed!!!

I decided to take the “road less traveled”, that is, the “lake road”.  As I drove along, I pulled over off the side of the road to snap a photo of this delightful front yard!


I wound up going to WalMart, then Lowe’s. I was there for  a long time, then I headed up towards Victor, where I had several things to do.

As I began to drive through the city of Canandaigua, I decided I would take a few pictures, as I have mentioned the city, but have never *shown* it!

I could not believe the amount of traffic in the city this afternoon! I had to pull into a lot off the main street, as there were no spots open anywhere! I parked and walked around a little with my camera.

Ah yes, I *knew* something smelled good! There was the colorful hotdog vendor, parked on the sidewalk.


Along one of the sidewalks was this building with its windows covered over. A local artist made colorful paintings depicting scenes that commemorate particular aspects of Canandaigua history.  What a cheerful way to decorate what would have been “ugly” coverings!


Canandaigua doesn’t lack for beautiful flowers! They are everywhere! Outside of the Chamber of Commerce building, these beautiful hanging pots greet visitors and locals alike! All of the light poles have the same baskets, adding so much color to this rather quaint city!


This is looking down Main Street, southward. As you can see, there are generous medians in the street, and these are also beautifully manicured with gorgeous plantings. In the months around Christmas, these same medians will be decked with Christmas trees and decor.

As an aside, although you cannot see it, the lake is at the bottom of this street.


This photo shows Main Street, looking northward.  The spire seen almost in the center of the picture is the Ontario County Building. Canandaigua is  the county seat for our county.


Although Mark graciously told me not to hurry, I felt I had lingered long enough.  I began to walk back to my Explorer. As I looked down the backside of the buildings, I smiled….it seems the backs are almost as pretty as the fronts!


I turned around to see if these buildings had any information regarding the year they were constructed. If you enlarge the picture, you will see the building on the right was constructed in 1890, and the one on the left in 1892. (the dates are near the tops of the buildings)


Much of Canandaigua’s charm is that it has maintained its rather Victorian prescence throughout the years. While many downtown buildings in cities throughout the US have fallen into ruin and needed to be demolished, Canandaigua has a certain “mystique” that arises from her past history that has been faithfully maintained!

 Believe me, there are many, many more pictures to be taken of this city, but that will be another time!

After my little photography diversion, I began heading north towards Victor. Along the way, I stopped in Farmington at the Country Max Store to pick up “cookies” for the Scotties.  While I was there, I was delighted to find yet another wonderful opportunity to shoot MORE pictures. But, that adventure shall have to wait until tomorrow!

Wordless Wednesday…

This is *not* going to be wordless…

When I was a child, we used to pass through the small town of Gowanda, New York. There was a funeral home there, by the name of “Wentland” that caused us to giggle and tee-hee every time we saw it.

BUT, this one…well,  I keep wondering….should there NOT be a question mark at the end of the name? I mean “Am I Gone?” funeral home? Methinks if you need to ASK, it might just be too late!!!!

And, yes, I imagine Amigone is probably just another fine Italian name!!!


Oooo, I Got Such a COOL Gift!


Isn’t my new Scottie adorable? My brother, Randy made it for me! He made two of them out of wood.  This picture isn’t very good…I wanted to show the dog, but it is drizzly and damp and cold outside. I wore my flip flops instead of warmer clogs, so my poor toes were freezing!


I did catch a picture of the tiny rose above. This is the same one shown the other day.  It is a miniature rosebush. I had inadvertantly covered the bush with too much mulch, and the poor thing nearly suffocated! I “found” it last month, and uncovered it. It has grown rather slowly after being buried so long, but the roses are so very stunning!


And that Rudbeckia? It looks even prettier after getting a good watering from the rain we had yesterday and today.

The roses below are a pretty bouquet my parents and brother gave me for my birthday!


We drove to our “usual” meeting place last night to meet my parents and Randy.  It was kind of chilly and dismal, but the restaurant was so cozy, we didn’t notice the weather outside! Instead of my regular fare of a salad, I had a cheeseburger and fries! We enjoyed visiting,  and the food was (as always) terrific!

Yesterday’s Most Wonderful Adventure!

I won’t waste a lot of time and energy telling you what a wonder-filled day I had yesterday. Instead, I will allow my pictures to take you on a small adventure of your own. These are only a few of the over 350 pictures I took yesterday. To say it was hard to only pick a few would be a grave exaggeration.

Take a few minutes to enlarge these pictures by clicking on them. I only hope you can then “feel” a little bit of this tremendous experience! As you look through the pictures, imagine old time “fiddlin'” filling the air as you explore. Such was our experience yesterday. It was a clear, beautiful day and Carly and I could not have had a better time!

Oh, and the name of this little community is Genesee Country Village and Museum. How fortunate we are to have such a wonderful glimpse of the past nearby…..






















Out for the Day


Today Mark and I celebrate our 17th anniversary.  Mark isn’t feeling very well; he is coughing and feeling miserable.  Tomorrow is my birthday.   Carly wanted to take me out for the day today to celebrate my birthday.  Since Mark is feeling badly, I thought it would be wonderful to spend the day with Carly.

Many years ago, Carly and I were living in Buffalo. We met a dear friend there who was a “fiddler”. He introduced us to the “Fiddler’s Festival“,  and Carly and I attended each year.  When Mark and I were first married, this became an annual event as well,  as he loves the music, too!

I haven’t been to the festival in a few years, so when Carly mentioned this, I was so excited!  Hopefully, I shall return later today with photos!