Ah, yes…the quiet this morning is so wonderful! Mark and the kids stayed up late last night, watching a movie.  So, earlier this morning, I enjoyed a cup of tea and a piece of toast out on the front porch. The only sounds were those of birds in the trees. The temperature, although a “tad” chilly  (54) was so refreshing! Of course, I was wearing a jacket!

I have shown pictures of my porch before, but in the photo below, you can see how the high end of the porch appears to almost be nestled in the trees!  It is such a cozy place to just sit and read and reflect….


The begonia on the table that once flourished with flowers is now looking forlorn with only a few of the beautiful rose-like flowers blooming.


This weekend is Labor Day weekend, and although we usually don’t make any elaborate plans, I *do* have a couple of things up my sleeve! I have been looking online for details and trying to get some ideas to present to Mark and the kids!

I am all set for the day….I have even drafted up my entry for Photo Hunters this week!  I was clueless about what I could use for the theme “Dirty”.  As I was speaking with daughter Carly, I suddenly remembered a picture I had taken at Genesee Country Museum that I do believe to be quite appropriate. I will be putting it up before we leave later in the day for what I am hoping will be a quite “colorful” event….a chance for some nice photos!

So, with my ducks all in a line, I think am ready for the day ahead!  Now, off to awaken the sleepyheads!!!

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