Photo Hunters…Dirty

Dirty? Did someone say “dirty”? Of course we aren’t dirty!  We are “comfortable”!

ps, If you have a moment to click to enlarge this, it is rather humorous, as the beady-eyed pig on the left really DOES look as though it is speaking…..



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  1. Ha, ha, great shot. The pigs look in their element with this weeks theme and too funny when enlarged. Yep, I could almost see the words coming out.

  2. That is surely one of the dirtiest things I can think of. But hey, how else would they cool down in this crazy heat?!?!

  3. Wow, what’s the expression “dirtier than a pigsty”. Used to tell them their room looked like that, but it is not as bad. Their clothes covered the floor like the mud and dirt does in the sty.
    Great photo and thanks for sharing. Have a good weekend.

  4. Surprisingly, given the right conditions, pigs are in fact very clean animals. If you can find an ‘open-air’ site where they can root around in a large field and have a hutch sleeping quarter, then there is very little muck (or smell) to worry about.

    Pigs are good, O.K.

  5. Oh yeah, he’s definitely talking right to you! When I grew up we had pigs. I remember scratching their back with a rake! They loved it. My dad told us kids to do it b/c it tenderized the hams! 😉

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