Unexpected Kindness!

Last Friday,  I entered a post on my blog about 4 Amish ladies showing up at our home quite unexpectedly.  I really enjoyed their visit, and we spoke about many things.

This afternoon, I went to the mailbox, and there was a large envelope there with the name of one of the Amish ladies on the return label.  As I walked up the driveway, I wondered what she could possibly have sent me.

I opened the envelope and inside a plastic bag was a beautiful quilted apron! 


 Here is a closer look at the quilted “pinwheel” design on the top.


I was so surprised, and so blessed to receive such a wonderful gift.  I happened to feel something more inside the envelope when I picked it up. I looked inside and found a smaller envelope.

Inside was the most beautiful heart-written letter, beginning with “Dear new found friend,” . As I made my way through the letter, reading aloud to Mark,  I found myself shedding tears as she shared from her heart with me!

Sometimes we just never know who the Lord will send our way, do we?

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  1. That is just amazing. Wow … so why did they show up at your home? Just to say hi? (I’m behind on blog reading and will have to scroll back to your previous posts.) What a gorgeous apron. I’d feel horrible, though, because I don’t wear aprons. But I’d find *something* to do with it! hehe 🙂 Strangers are just friends who we haven’t met yet, right? 🙂 OMG … I *love* this template. I wonder if I could create something similar for my blog. Hmm.

  2. Lisanne,
    These ladies stopped by to buy some soap supplies. They were so wonderful and even though they “appear” so different, they are so much just like us! One of the women wanted to help me pack her order! They came from Michigan. (no, not by horse and buggy!)

    I don’t wear an apron either, and I hate the thought of ruining it with food stains! I was just so impressed by their kindness. So many people misunderstand the Amish and think of them as not being real “bright”.
    That is such a misconception, because they are *quite* aware of many things! I really enjoyed their visit, and was especially impressed that they felt at home here!

    The template you see is the Word Press default template! We keep changing it back to the one I had previously, and it keeps reverting back to this! Gremlins, I tell ya!!!

  3. No, we never do know who God is going to put in our path. I am so glad He has put you in mine. What a beautiful thing for your Amish customer to do!

  4. Indeed life is full of surprises. Maybe in the next turn we find a new friend, an old friend, old acquaintance. And GOD is showing us his mercy and goodness everyday. And how nice it is to be the recipient of a beautiful apron. I believe they had a grand time at your place.

  5. Mom, how very cool! I really miss seeing the Amish regularly. Whenever I wander “home” I am reminded of how simple life can be, if we choose for it to be that way. What a wonderful blessing to receive such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

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