While Out and About…

This evening, I took Michelle to Canandaigua; the community Bible study she participated in last year had a sign-up for this year and she wanted to go.

As we pulled into the church parking lot, we were greeted by many, many Canada Geese grazing on the acres of  lawn. The noise was overpowering, and they walked about as though they owned the place! I have no idea why they picked this particular area, as the lake and water are a good distance away. It was obvious they feel quite at ease on the premises, as many were huddled on the ground as though ready to sleep!


Since I had spent so much time at the Sonnenberg estate last Sunday, I thought perhaps I would take a quick spin through the cemetery where the Thompsons are interred.  Little did I realize that the cemetery is huge! From the road, it looks rather small. I drove around and was unable to find the Thompson monument. I figured it would be a towering, grand memorial, as they lived “larger than life” in this world!

I did find the family marker for the Clark family….Mrs. Thompson had been Mary Clark before her marriage to Frederick Thompson.


Somehow, I always feel as though I am trespassing when I visit a cemetery. Perhaps it is because I have no loved ones buried there.  There was not another soul (well, alive!) in the cemetery besides me….that is, until I spotted this little hooligan racing through the monuments! (click on the picture to see the face on this little one…almost looks as though it is laughing!!!)


After I picked Michelle up and came home, I looked up the cemetery to see if they had information online.  I was surprised to discover they have a photograph of every marker in the place! And the Thompson monument is not that grand….Well, some of the fun of an adventure was diminished by seeing the monument. Ah well, I had better spend my time with the living!

Unexpected Kindness!

Last Friday,  I entered a post on my blog about 4 Amish ladies showing up at our home quite unexpectedly.  I really enjoyed their visit, and we spoke about many things.

This afternoon, I went to the mailbox, and there was a large envelope there with the name of one of the Amish ladies on the return label.  As I walked up the driveway, I wondered what she could possibly have sent me.

I opened the envelope and inside a plastic bag was a beautiful quilted apron! 


 Here is a closer look at the quilted “pinwheel” design on the top.


I was so surprised, and so blessed to receive such a wonderful gift.  I happened to feel something more inside the envelope when I picked it up. I looked inside and found a smaller envelope.

Inside was the most beautiful heart-written letter, beginning with “Dear new found friend,” . As I made my way through the letter, reading aloud to Mark,  I found myself shedding tears as she shared from her heart with me!

Sometimes we just never know who the Lord will send our way, do we?