Wordless Wednesday…Sonnenberg

This past Sunday, my son and I ventured out to Canandaigua, New York,  to visit Sonnenberg Gardens and Mansion, a goregeous Victorian Estate. (many pictures and a “tour” in my Arts in the Gardens entry,  two posts ago)

I took well over 200 photos and would have done many more if I had been alone. I have two photos that are my favorites, so I submit them as my Wordless Wednesday offerings.


 And you thought *your* camera was bulky?


A bumblebee gathering pollen in this beautiful rose in the rose garden!

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  1. Whoa! I love the camera! By comparing it with the mini digital cameras we have today, the technology has really done something to change our lives (= Good one. Happy WW!

  2. With all those pics you must have had a great time. I loved both pics but especially the Bumble Bee one. Have you used photo slider to show more pics? Happy WW x x x

  3. How is life in Bristolwood this week? It was nice you could get out to the gardens. From the look of your blog you travel quite a bit.
    Happy WW!

  4. love that vintage camera! but it would be inconvenient bringing it everywhere I go … lol. beautiful flower and bee shot, too!

    happy WW

  5. Antique! Haha that’s one heavy camera. COuldn’t imagine bringing it around with me.

    ANd the flower with the bee pic is great too.

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