A Short Journey to Another “Finger”

Today was a rather quiet day for a Monday.  As the day progressed, the kids and I were getting a bit antsy.  It was such a beautiful day and we know that days like this will soon be coming to an end.

We had three propane cylinders for the grill that needed to be filled,  so Mark suggested that we take them and get them replenished.  It didn’t take much to convince us, so we got ready, and raced out the door.

After getting the tanks filled, Mark and the kids decided to go to Long John Silver’s for some fish.  This meant a trip to Geneva.

Geneva is another small town about 15 miles to the east of Canandaigua.  It is a college town located at the north end of Seneca Lake. Seneca Lake is one of the two largest Finger Lakes, and it is so beautiful!

Here is a little map showing the Finger Lakes.   


I won’t do a historical presentation this time….just random pictures shot at the Seneca Lake State Park early this evening.

I will mention that I ran into a boat dwelling fellow who was cooking his steak and corn on the cob dinner as I passed by.  He told me that there were a couple of other guys who lived on their boats all summer long. He said that come Friday nights,  the boat slips are a lively place to be.  He told me to think of it as recreational vehicles on the water! He also confided that many of the boats never leave their slip all weekend…AND that the guys all get together and LIE to one another!!! hehehe (think about all of those fish stories about the one that got away!)











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  1. Like the geese picture. What were they, Canada’s?

    All boat folk that I know have incredible, unbelievable stories to tell – and some of them actually believe themselves!

  2. Yes, the geese are Canada Geese. That is mostly what we see around here, but sometimes we see some that raise eyebrows, as in, WHAT is THAT? I think domestic geese sometimes ttake flight to join them!

    Aha! A Scot divulging such information regarding “boat folk” is to be believed, as Scotland is surrounded by water, and I do believe “boat folk” abound!!!! Actually, the man I spoke to last night had me giggling so hard when he made his comment!!!

  3. I love the picture of the geese, as well as the very colorful boat. I have decided that I really like boat pictures. Perhaps it’s that whole moving water thing.

  4. Carly, Hobart and Wm Smith Colleges have become one, so says Mark. Anyway, that colorful boat belongs to them. I got to wondering if perhaps they offer coursework in marine biology? Don’t *think* they are training sailors! hehehe

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