If You Promise NOT to Laugh


I shall tell you the rather humorous circumstance I found myself in this morning.

I had spent over an hour yesterday morning vacuuming out the pool.  Being an above ground pool with a plastic liner, it is prone to collecting gritty little particles in the seams and in little divots.  It takes a good deal of patience (and time) to carefully clean each area without stirring up all the particles and sending them swirling about in the pool.  I thought I had done a good job yesterday, but this morning, there were pockets of dirt on the bottom.

Since I am fairly good at not putting things off,  I decided this morning, that I would clean the pool again, trying to make it really clean.

I climbed up on the rails,  poolside, and began working slowly and methodically. I was being so careful to take my time and do a great job.  I have not been in the pool since Mark had the spinal cord injury eight years ago this past May. You see, Mark loved that pool and he bought it with the intent of teaching the kids to swim and appreciate the water.  To this day, I feel like sitting down and crying when I think about going into the pool. We spent many a happy time bouncing about with two toddlers in that pool….

 As I worked my way along the bottom of the pool, I would move my pink Crocs clad feet along the rails.  I was impressed that the pool was looking quite nice.  Suddenly, one of those ill-begotten horseflies swooped down in front of me, teasing me as I swatted at its slow-moving body.  It seems the more agitated I got, the closer in it flew near me.  I was so aggrevated, telling it to leave me alone!  Frustration was arising quickly on my behalf. I was not about to become a victim of its drill-like bite. The blasphemous fly then landed on my leg. This was what threw me over the edge.  Quite literally!!!

I had managed to gracefully (or otherwise) tumble into the water while hanging onto the pole used for vacuuming.  Fortunately, I was properly attired, as I had earlier enjoyed the hot tub.  And, my darling pink Crocs managed to somehow remain on my feet!

I climbed out of the pool thoroughly heated to the point of blowing my top! I raced to the skimmer to disconnect the vacuum when what should appear, hoping to drill into my skin while I was preoccupied?  Faster than greased lightening, I reached out and slapped that miserable fly into the water.  Not satisfied that it was now destined to a watery grave, I took one of the tools in my hand and brushed it into the skimmer. The helpless insect was left floating upside down in the whirlpool….

Needless to say, I have no photos of this event! And, might I add, we (very thankfully) have no neighbors close enough to have enjoyed this ante meridium antic!