The Unlikely Quartet

Let me preface this by saying that this post will have no accompanying photos.

This afternoon, I heard a “slight” knock at the front door. With temperatures romancing the 90’s,  I was not humored as I went to see if it was Ben teasing me. As I looked out the window on the door, I was somewhat shocked at what I saw!

 Four Amish ladies appeared on my front porch! I opened the door and one stepped forward, asking if I knew where they might find Olive Tree Soaps! I do have a few customers who travel to pick up orders from me to save on shipping, but this was a most unexpected surprise!

I invited the four ladies inside and discovered that I had spoken to two of them previously on the telephone when they called to place orders. You see, once you prove to be a good vendor, your name quickly spreads throughout the community, which is very large….I have Amish customers from Missouri to Michigan to New York!

The ladies were almost as surprised as I. They surely thought they might have lost their way, not expecting Olive Tree Soaps to be a “house in the woods” , but instead a “business”!

We visited, I packed two orders for two of the ladies,  and it was a very wonderful little visit.

You just never know who might come a knocking at the door, eh?

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  1. Mom, that is so cool. I really miss seeing the Amish all the time as we did when we lived in Randolph. I have fond memories of Amish buggies hitched to the post at the Market Basket and seeing them driving their buggies through town. Last time I went to visit, I drove through the Amish country, bringing back bittersweet memories of a time long past. How neat to have them come to visit you. Did someone drive them, or do these Amish drive?
    I guess it’s just as well that we did not have a surprise pool party for Kyle today. The ladies might have been surprised by a slew of bathing suit clad teens running around!

  2. Carly, these ladies were from Michigan! They were visiting in-laws. AND, they actually hired a driver to drive them from Michigan! He sat in the driveway as we visited!

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