Errand Day…

Today was supposed to be a rather busy day. The kids had planned to go to the theatre with a friend, and Mark and I had a lot of errands to accomplish.

When we got up this morning, Mark was coughing some and just not feeling very well. I have had a little trouble breathing as well, so the kids canceled their plans. I felt terrible, but sometimes I feel as though I need to *gulp* for air!

The one thing that seems to help me feel better is getting out into the fresh air. It just seems like I can breath better outside. Mark, therefore, asked if I might try to run the errands we had. I said I would try…..After getting ready, I was on my way, list a mile long in hand.

Mark’s one request was that I not stress and that I take my time. This request was probably exactly what I needed!!!

I decided to take the “road less traveled”, that is, the “lake road”.  As I drove along, I pulled over off the side of the road to snap a photo of this delightful front yard!


I wound up going to WalMart, then Lowe’s. I was there for  a long time, then I headed up towards Victor, where I had several things to do.

As I began to drive through the city of Canandaigua, I decided I would take a few pictures, as I have mentioned the city, but have never *shown* it!

I could not believe the amount of traffic in the city this afternoon! I had to pull into a lot off the main street, as there were no spots open anywhere! I parked and walked around a little with my camera.

Ah yes, I *knew* something smelled good! There was the colorful hotdog vendor, parked on the sidewalk.


Along one of the sidewalks was this building with its windows covered over. A local artist made colorful paintings depicting scenes that commemorate particular aspects of Canandaigua history.  What a cheerful way to decorate what would have been “ugly” coverings!


Canandaigua doesn’t lack for beautiful flowers! They are everywhere! Outside of the Chamber of Commerce building, these beautiful hanging pots greet visitors and locals alike! All of the light poles have the same baskets, adding so much color to this rather quaint city!


This is looking down Main Street, southward. As you can see, there are generous medians in the street, and these are also beautifully manicured with gorgeous plantings. In the months around Christmas, these same medians will be decked with Christmas trees and decor.

As an aside, although you cannot see it, the lake is at the bottom of this street.


This photo shows Main Street, looking northward.  The spire seen almost in the center of the picture is the Ontario County Building. Canandaigua is  the county seat for our county.


Although Mark graciously told me not to hurry, I felt I had lingered long enough.  I began to walk back to my Explorer. As I looked down the backside of the buildings, I smiled….it seems the backs are almost as pretty as the fronts!


I turned around to see if these buildings had any information regarding the year they were constructed. If you enlarge the picture, you will see the building on the right was constructed in 1890, and the one on the left in 1892. (the dates are near the tops of the buildings)


Much of Canandaigua’s charm is that it has maintained its rather Victorian prescence throughout the years. While many downtown buildings in cities throughout the US have fallen into ruin and needed to be demolished, Canandaigua has a certain “mystique” that arises from her past history that has been faithfully maintained!

 Believe me, there are many, many more pictures to be taken of this city, but that will be another time!

After my little photography diversion, I began heading north towards Victor. Along the way, I stopped in Farmington at the Country Max Store to pick up “cookies” for the Scotties.  While I was there, I was delighted to find yet another wonderful opportunity to shoot MORE pictures. But, that adventure shall have to wait until tomorrow!