Wordless Wednesday…

This is *not* going to be wordless…

When I was a child, we used to pass through the small town of Gowanda, New York. There was a funeral home there, by the name of “Wentland” that caused us to giggle and tee-hee every time we saw it.

BUT, this one…well,  I keep wondering….should there NOT be a question mark at the end of the name? I mean “Am I Gone?” funeral home? Methinks if you need to ASK, it might just be too late!!!!

And, yes, I imagine Amigone is probably just another fine Italian name!!!


Oooo, I Got Such a COOL Gift!


Isn’t my new Scottie adorable? My brother, Randy made it for me! He made two of them out of wood.  This picture isn’t very good…I wanted to show the dog, but it is drizzly and damp and cold outside. I wore my flip flops instead of warmer clogs, so my poor toes were freezing!


I did catch a picture of the tiny rose above. This is the same one shown the other day.  It is a miniature rosebush. I had inadvertantly covered the bush with too much mulch, and the poor thing nearly suffocated! I “found” it last month, and uncovered it. It has grown rather slowly after being buried so long, but the roses are so very stunning!


And that Rudbeckia? It looks even prettier after getting a good watering from the rain we had yesterday and today.

The roses below are a pretty bouquet my parents and brother gave me for my birthday!


We drove to our “usual” meeting place last night to meet my parents and Randy.  It was kind of chilly and dismal, but the restaurant was so cozy, we didn’t notice the weather outside! Instead of my regular fare of a salad, I had a cheeseburger and fries! We enjoyed visiting,  and the food was (as always) terrific!