A Fine Day For a Picture!

Well, I thought so, anyway!  We went out for a little ride this afternoon. I thought perhaps everyone would feel a little better breathing in some fresh air. We stopped at a scenic lookout that overlooks Canandaigua Lake. As you can see, the sky provided another wonderful backdrop for an almost breathtaking scene!


Here is another view….These photos are from the southern end of the lake. The city of Canandaigua is up on the northern shores of the lake.


And here is a shot looking away from the lake. As you can see, we are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful and picturesque area!  When we first moved here, I kept telling Mark I felt as though I was on this permanent vacation! It really is that nice!


Meet Attila the Hum!


Don’t let that cute little face with the beady little eye fool you! Yes, this morning, I sat in the hot tub and witnessed this tiny little unlikely monster attacking all hummingbirds that even came close to *her* feeder!

I watched in total amazement as the little bugger would fly up onto a dead branch and appraise the area. The branch was located about 50 feet away from the said feeder, and about 10 or 15 feet higher than the feeder; if another hummingbird even dared to fly up to the feeder, she quickly and stealthily dive-bombed the innocent and unwitting victim!  I sat in the hot tub for about 45 minutes this morning, just watching the show.

I remember reading a couple of years ago that hummingbirds are quite territorial, but this?