Canandaigua Scenes

This afternoon, I had to take a trip to Canandaigua to pick up some groceries, as well as medicine for colds! No, the medicine wasn’t for me. It is for Mark and Michelle in the hopes that they will be able to sleep well tonight!

Before I share the pictures I took, I need to show you my favorite new shoes! I love wearing denim. I cannot wear jeans, but I wear denim skirts most of the time.  I love the look of turquoise with denim and several years ago, I had a pair of sandals that were white with turquoise and silver conchos. I was thinking about how pretty they were and how I missed them. Well, one evening, I decided to Google “sandals with turquoise and conchos”. These sandals came up. They are made by Minnetonka and sell for about $49.00 many places, but I Googled and found them on sale for $29.99 from a store in South Dakota. With shipping, I paid about $33.oo.


Instead of taking along my Nikon camera, I grabbed the Olympus, as I hate leaving my expensive camera in the car.

As I drove along the lake road,  it was so difficult to keep my eyes on the road! The lake was a rich color today, reflecting the near sapphire blue skies above it.


Canandaigua is such a beautiful town. There are many Victorian style homes and the downtown area is stunning. So many small towns have lost businesses as they moved to the more suburban malls.  The city of Canadaigua proper, sits up on a hill. As one moves towards the lake, there is a long decline. It isn’t steep, but it definitely is a decline.

At the bottom of the grade is the lake and it is truly a beauty.  I recently read that the lakefront property there is amongst the most expensive in the Untied States.

There is a city (or perhaps state) boat launch and one must pay a fee to launch there. I drove into the area, unaware that there was a fee. When the girl saw my camera, she just smiled and said to go ahead and turn around. As I swung in, I saw a pretty little pond with the surrounding trees reflected in it. There was also a Great Blue Heron enjoying the area!


I drove over to the head of the lake where many folks were taking advantage of the beautiful weather. It was just like the perfect day.


The kind of day that a man sits by the lake with his good friend, just taking in the scenery.


Lucky me….there was the Canandaigua Lady!


After taking this little side “tour”, I finally got around to the business of going shopping. Sometimes it is just so hard to keep priorities straight! As I was shopping from store to store, I noticed the sky was getting darker and darker in the west.  As I headed home, there was quite a spectacular “light” show,  as lightening filled the skies! Thankfully, I did not try to photograph that as I was driving!

Happy Birthday Murphy!


Yes, today is Murphy’s 2nd birthday. He got lots of cookies, hugs, and kisses! He is such a dear little man and we really appreciate his cute ways!

A few weeks ago, we ordered a new grooming table, new Andis clippers, harnesses for the car, no-bark citronella collars, and a couple of toys.


Pet Edge sells this ball within a ball. They said that it drives dogs crazy as they try to get the little ball out from inside….


Because it has large holes in it, a pup can easily pick it up and carry it about!



 We played outside for 10 or 15 minutes, and Murphy was really working up a lather. I told him it was time to go inside.I grabbed the ball and tossed it up on the deck. Murphy bounced up after it and picked it up…..

And quickly took it into his new kennel!!!


 What a wonderful day!


Feeling Better!

After burning with a fever for the night, and getting up every ten minutes to go to the bathroom, I am feeling much better! I must have overdone the fluids, cause I felt like I should have just sat on the toilet all night….if I hadn’t been so *dizzy*!

I got the chills during the evening, so I put on my warm Scottie robe. Suddenly, the chills turned into *H-E-A-T*! Phew, I was burning up. The digital themometer we have is very inaccurate, so I have no idea how hot I was, but I knew I was burning quite warmly!!!!

At about 1:30, Mark sent Ben upstairs to turn on the whole house fan! I was so upset, but Mark, Michelle, and I ALL got sick yesterday. I figured if Mark needed the fan on, it was OK. I just shut the bedroom door. All night, I felt the cool air coming in, and in all honesty, I think that is why I feel better!!!

Okay, enough about this dumb bug!

Yesterday, late  in the afternoon, Michelle called me to see “what is back!” I grabbed my camera and was so pleased with this picture! I hope it brings a smile to your face! If you click on it, you can see it full size! The lighting was about a zillion times better than the earlier picture!


This morning, when I trudged downstairs, I was somewhat shocked to see mounds of dishes all over the kitchen counter! I was able to wash about half of them. The rest will wait a little bit.  I could see that Mark was eating “comfort food” yesterday. He apparently had spaghetti and also baked potatoes. I did know about the potatoes, as he asked if I wanted one. I was having so much trouble breathing, I passed.  I am able to breath fine today…Hurrah!!!

I will be trying to get a good picture of my little Murphy later today, as it is his birthday!Happy Birthday, Murphy!!!