Did Anyone?

Bother to get the license plate number of the vehicle that ran me over? 

Yes, once again, I am suffering from some really miserable bug.  Ben had a sore throat for a couple of days, and thankfully, I don’t have that, but my head feels like it is swollen, along with my nose and everything else!  This came on rather suddenly this afternoon, but I will rest and I know it will leave soon.

It had BETTER leave soon, as next Monday is my birthday, and we mustn’t be sick on our birthday, right?  Actually, tomorrow is my little Murphy’s 2nd birthday, and we always have cake and ice cream to celebrate, while the boys eat a more sensible indulgence of Innova “cookies”as well as some goodies from the Three Dog Bakery. The kids love a celebration, and I guess we do, too!

I went out to the hot tub just a bit ago, feeling just a bit chilled, as the temperature dropped 10 degrees this afternoon. As soon as the jets stopped, I reclined in the tub, my head resting on the side. I was just soaking in the warmth of the water when a rotten horsefly came by to trouble me.  It landed atop the tub cover and I was so aggrevated as it evaluated where would be a nice juicy spot to drill on my body .Before it could even fly off the cover, I got up and put the lid back on the tub. 

I forgot to mention that the reason why I lingered in the tub after the jets stopped was because as I was lying looking up at the sky, there must have been 20 or 30 dragonflies darting to and fro, up and down. It was a rather spectacular sight, and I just wanted to enjoy it while I could. That miserable horsefly ruined everything!

Well, I am going to rest, drink plenty of fluids, and try to sleep. Carry on, then!

Sometimes I am Just Like a Little Kid…

And this is certainly one of those times!

I went out for a long soak in the hot tub this morning. I generally do go out every morning, as I tend to be “wound up”. I am not sure why I am like this….don’t think I used to be. Perhaps it is because my days are so full to the brim with stuff to do and I feel a bit overwhelmed as soon as my feet hit the floor….

Well, I always sit where the jets are aimed straight at my back, shoulders, and neck, as these are where all of the tension rests! We have one set of jets that hits all three areas and when I am done, I feel better! (I keep thinking about buying one of those Shiatsu mats that goes on the back of an office chair….I LOVE massages!!!)

I was sitting in the tub when I decided to change seats. As I moved to the next seat, I caught movement in my peripheral vision. I looked up to where our garden had once been,  and OH DEER!


As soon as I spotted them, they raised their heads, looking straight at me. I thought…..scurry and get the camera, or not?  I slowly climbed out of the tub, watching their reactions. They just continued eating as though I wasn’t even there!

As soon as I was in the house, I sprinted up the stairs, leaving huge puddles of dripping chlorinated water all over the hardwood floors and stairs.  As I raced back down the stairs, I only prayed I wouldn’t hit one of those puddles and end up at the entry door of the house with Nikon camera mounted to my face!

I quietly opened the back door, and they were still eating! I moved onto the deck and they all raised their heads towards me as though vaguely interested, then went back to their grazing! The two little fawns were a bit nervous and unsure, but when they saw their mother(s) being quite unconcerned, they settled down and ate.


Here is one of the little fawns. Although they aren’t too small, they still have all of their spots and are just as cute as can be!

I only took a few pictures, then crawled back into the tub, as I didn’t want to disturb them.  They finally left when one of the adults must have gotten bitten by a fly. She reared her back legs up, kicking and then reached back with her head, then took off! The fawns looked up, then scampered after her, followed by the other adult meandering towards the others, grabbing at tasty greens along the way.

I have no idea why I get so excited seeing things like deer. I mean, they are everywhere! I guess I am really like a kid, after all! And, as soon as the jets stopped in the hot tub, like a kid, I ran inside the house, grabbing a wad of paper towels, blotting up the still-standing puddles of water. I am, after all, the *Mom*, and if the kids made puddles like that? UGH! I’d scrrreeeeeaaaaaammmmmm!!!!!!!!!