What a Pleasant Day

Today was such a great day all around. The weather has been grand, with temperatures in the 70’s and little humidity. I love this weather!

Mark and Michelle traveled to take Mark’s mom to the doctor this afternoon. Mark’s mom had an appointment, and she is a little unsure about going by herself. Michelle accompanied  her so she would be more confident.

Ben hasn’t been feeling so good lately. He has had a bit of a sore throat and some cold symptoms.  So, Ben and I stayed home this afternoon.  I decided to go grab some groceries after a while,  so Ben and I looked for my keys which have been missing since the kids went to a party last Friday night.

We searched all over the regular places my keys hang out, but were unable to find them. Ben tore the couch apart as I looked through all the drawers. I emptied my purse, and we continued our search through my camera bags and in anything else where keys might have been placed.

Finally, in a last ditch effort, I went into the closet, looking through all my clothes, piece by piece.  As I was about to give up in frustration, I found them inside the pocket of my lightweight Sabres jacket! Goodness! I completely forgot I had worn that jacket that evening!

I grabbed the camera bag as we left, thinking I might take a few pictures, but I only snapped two….

One of my hydrangea. This was the lone flower on my bush. I was unaware that hydrangea plants need lots of acid to make them colorful! My mother-in-law told me this last fall, so this spring, I made up gallons and gallons of Miracid and fed my little bush.

My mom had given me this bush two years ago, and it was a beautiful blue color.  I read that the more acidic the soil, the more blue the flowers. Well, this poor plant was a little confused! Part of the flowers have a more “bluish” cast, while other parts appear rather pink. All in all, it is sort of a pale lavender color, with more pink tones than blue!


 Right next to the hydrangea bush are my black-eyed Susans. These are so pretty, and they seem to be multiplying each year! I planted them two years ago, and they are taking up more and more space. Not being a very educated gardener, I need to find info online about how to break them up a bit. And I will not even talk about the Coneflowers that are absolutely taking over more and more real estate on the side of the house!


Ben and I shopped a bit, looked around TJ Maxx a little, then stopped and bought some Chinese for dinner. We decided to eat by the lake, but all the parking spaces seemed to be taken. So, we parked in an area where we couldn’t see the lake.

We got back home and just relaxed after putting the groceries away.

Tonight, the little tree frogs are chirping up a storm and the air is so delightful!