Aha! And You Thought I Was Done?

Yes, I truly thought I had commented on all of the bands I had pictures of from Kingdom Bound. I was wrong! I found that I had a few pictures of Robin Mark. Never heard of him?  Well, let me tell you, if you like worship music and Celtic music, you will LOVE Robin Mark!  I could have sat in his session for hours and hours. I guess the bit of Irish blood from my great-grandmother has caused me to appreciate Celtic music almost far better than any other type of music….


Mark and I arrived at the worship tent a bit late, but what a treat it was to hear the beautiful sounds of traditional Celtic music!  This music was so soothing….like a balm and refuge combined in one!


 Robin was accompanied by several musicians, but I was not able to get in too close to the stage to photograph all of the musicians.


As soon as we arrived home, Mark and I got online and began looking on Sound and Spirit, (the Christian music division of BMG Music) seeking out some of the bands we had heard at Kingdom Bound.  We found a Robin Mark CD, along with several other artists that we will be ordering.