I was going to add some pictures from a concert Mark and I attended with the kids at Kingdom Bound, but I forgot! Yikes!

The name of this group is Stellar Kart. They are, I am told, from Canada. When I won the tickets from the radio station , I also won a Stellar Kart CD.  They are quite good, but the volume was *just* a tad bit loud for my old ears!



 Wow! These guys are not only loud, but full of energy, as well! hehehe

As I panned around the crowd, I found this forward-looking couple with their little one protected from the *loud*. Did I mention the music was L-O-U-D?


 Yes, this concert was held right next to the wonderful (no, I did not ride it, nor will I ever!) Superman roller coaster. So, of course, I *needed* to photograph this group on the vertical drop….wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


 The concert was very good, although the temps were soaring into the 80’s, making it too warm for me. I needed to (sulk) trudge off to the Dippin’ Dots stand to take cold refreshment and revitalize my poor hot self!!!!


We also saw a few other concerts that I didn’t photograph, but it sure was a fun, albeit TOO hot,  few days! What a terrific way to spend some family time!!!!

Resting in Our Sanctuary

As I soaked away this morning in the hot tub, I was so content, watching as the clouds passed by. There was such a lovely assortment. Although I am not keen on the names of the various types of clouds, they were just so beautiful! They weren’t the *typical* clouds that have shapes hidden in them…..these were more like brush strokes and sponge paintings! Not shapes, but *textures*!  When the pump stopped, after its 20 minute cycle, there was total silence.  But not really!

People love their “white” noise in the background, so to speak. As I listened, I could hear a continuous buzz from an insect. Then I noticed the chirping of a cricket. Off in the distance,  a cardinal was singing. As I turned my head towards the cardinal, I observed a little hummingbird swooping through the air, and landing on a dead maple branch to preen itself.  Does life get better than this? How could the garden of Eden have been more beautiful?

As I sat in the silent hot tub, my eyes closed and I just leaned back, enjoying MY white noise surrounding me. Then I remembered some pictures I had taken yesterday. I hopped out of the tub and scurried upstairs to load the pictures to the laptop. 


 During the afternoon, this little doe wandered up behind the garage to have a nibble on some crown vetch and various other wild things growing there. She was trying to keep in the shade. She was certainly aware that I was snapping her picture, but was not bothered by my presence in the least bit.

Michelle came out the back door, only to find me there with camera in hand.  She asked if I was done….she wanted to go up to the swing-set and swing. I told her to just go ahead. The deer here know they are safe with us!


 Michelle walked very slowly up to the swing and was totally surprised that the doe remained, even after she had positioned herself on the swing. The distance between the two of them was only about 25 feet!


After appraising one another, Michelle began to swing, and the doe peacefully continued to partake of greenery. The doe stayed in the area as Michelle propelled herself on the swing; she left only after getting her fill of goodies.

And, it occurred to me; we have such a wonderful refuge right here in the Bristolwood!