This n’ That

This morning, when I got up, I was feeling a little better as far as the sore throat and swollen glands. As the day progressed, I actually began to feel less of an ogress, and more human! Hurrah!

Yesterday, our UPS man, Bob, delivered two packages from Pet Edge.  One box contained a nice little grooming table. The other box contained all sorts of goodies. (for the boys and for me!)  Included in that box was a new set of Andis Clippers for grooming the boys, two harnesses to secure them in our vehicles,  two citronella anti-barking collars, a new pair of nail clippers, along with some styptic powder in the event of too close a nail clip, and two toys. I also received an Andis blade for free.  Not too bad, eh?

This morning, when I felt better, I set up the new table with the loop for grooming and called Murphy on over. He was looking a bit shaggy, so I placed him on the table and within about 20 minutes, he looked like a new man!


This is Murphy this evening, all tuckered out from the heat of the day! You can see how truly brindled he is with his new cut! His coat seems more silvery, whereas Angus is more golden.

I mentioned the citronella collars above. I had not heard of them before, but my friend, Jan, told me she used them on her Scotties with some good success. The collar is pictured below.


 The collar is threaded through the sides of the unit. If you look closely, you can see where the battery fits at the top. The two little “holes” seen are where the spray comes out (left) and where you “load” the citronella in on the right.

The collar is rounded on the side that fits up on the dog’s neck. It contains a little microphone. If and when the dog barks, it causes a small spray of citronella to be expelled.The citronella is supposed to be harmless to the dog, but instead, very annoying!According to the instruction sheet that came with the collar, this works better than shock collars, which I would never use on a pet.

This afternoon, when Bob came by, Angus, as usual, began to dance about and bark. I bent down and told him,  “No bark!” I then snapped the collar on. When he barked again, the mist nearly sent him for a loop! I gave the “No bark!” command again. By about the third bark, he realized that keeping his *barker* closed would save him from the obnoxious spray! We then went out to see Bob and instead of Angus barking, he greeted Bob with tail wagging. I hope this collar will help, as Angus has a tendency to get anxious. Murphy is much more reserved most of the time. Anyway, we will continue working with the collar and hopefully, the barking will cease!

Since Mark was kind enough to run out with the kids last night to get some ice cream, I volunteered to go to the bank this afternoon. Michelle and I went out and it felt so good to feel better!

We picked up a pizza for dinner, as we had salads for lunch.

After finishing dinner, I went out for a soak in the hot tub. It was getting pretty dark up in the woods by then.  As I was out working on the deck, I noticed a doe walking about near the swings. She was well aware I was there, but was in no hurry to dart away from me. I watched as she walked up into the woods. Suddenly, she was joined by a spotted fawn, who scurried up to her and began nursing. I had never seen this before, and it was so incredible to watch from about 60 or 70 feet away.  As I stood, mesmerized by this tranquil scene, another little spotted fawn scampered up to the two. The doe and the first little fawn walked away as though in no particular hurry. The second fawn stopped and looked down at me. It stood there for what seemed minutes, then playfully left to catch its mom and sibling.

There are so many times when I think we should pack it all up and move closer to a town. I always think perhaps we shouldn’t live so isolated. But then, when I see something so spectacular as this doe and her little ones, I realize how much I would miss the woods if we were forced to leave.  There is so much here that is advantageous to city living.  One of the most valuable is the wonderful air here! Even though it has been dreadfully hot, our thermometer never soars to the heights of those in towns and cities. I would be hard pressed to ever find a town or city lot as well shaded by the variety of trees growing here in the Bristolwood. When I think about the pros and cons of living here versus somewhere more “friendly”, I realize that the advantages here far surpass anything I could find elsewhere!