Hot, Humid and Miserable!


Need I say more? Summer has never been my favorite time of the year. Well, maybe when I was very young I enjoyed it, but certainly not in my adult years!

I do remember when I was a little girl….we would often go to the beach on the weekend. It was so much fun. Mom would pack a cooler full of food and we would head off for the entire day. We were close enough to Lake Erie to be able to spend time at different beaches. My fondest memories are of the beach at night. We would gather driftwood off the beach and sit around a fire on the beach. Wow, that would *never* be allowed anymore. Sometimes when I come home at night from Canandaigua,  people with private beaches will be enjoying a fire beachside.

The past couple of days, just to add a little insult to injury, I have had swollen glands. The right side of my neck is swollen and a little tender. This has put me on edge, and I feel like I am treating everyone like an ogre!  To hurt in this heat is driving me crazy, but we are supposed to get a little relief in the form of cooler temperatures in the next few days. I just pray the swollen glands leave soon!

We have been tidying up our old truck, trying to get it in order so we can advertise it in the paper to sell it. We bought our new truck last November, so it is crazy to have the old one sitting around, costing us lots of money in insurance! Yesterday, we took it in and had it inspected and got an oil change. Even with 98,000 miles on it, it still runs very well!

I haven’t felt much like taking pictures the past couple of days. Between the heat and not feeling so well, I just wanted to take it easy! We are also making notes and carrying things out to the camper to prepare for our Kingdom Bound excursion. The kids are getting a little excited about going…tonight, Mark took them to TJ Maxx, where they each bought some new clothes for the event!