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  1. Gee Mom, doesn’t Angus get to be a rock dog too? Yeah, I know, he would have been way too humiliated to pose with such silliness!

  2. I seriously considered using this theme! It is so beautiful but it didn’t have widgets, so I went for another one. It certainly fits for you, doesn’t it?

    Your dog is too funny! That’s a great photo!

  3. Thanks for the comments. My Scotties are such cool little boys. They put up with a LOT of silliness from our *strange* family!
    Daughter Michelle was husking corn on the back deck, and Murphy, being the inquisitive sort of boy, came over to sniff. Well, Michelle is very ingenious, so she fashioned a little hairpiece for the boyo from cornsilk!!!
    Yes, Murphy is VERY patient!!!

  4. Murphy looks as though he is having a ruff… ruff time of it all…

    Great pic by the way. Ours is up as well if you want to stop by and have a look, it is of a prak in Aalborg in Denmark!

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