YES! What a Day!


I think that we all have experienced days when we feel so blessed, we shake our heads and wonder what exactly we did to deserve such a fine day!

Such was today! Late this morning, Michelle and I went outside and washed the awning of the camper. We are trying to do those picayune little tasks that should be done as regular maintenance, but seem to slip by year after year. 

After we finished up, I decided to have a go at finding hummingbirds….yesterday I mentioned that Ben noticed one in the jewelweed that grows near the drainage ditches. I grabbed the camera and walked slowly towards the ditch from behind the camper. And, what should I discover? YES! A little hummingbird was making the rounds, visiting each and every flower! I took several pictures, but these are the best. I was working with a telephoto lens completely supported by…me, alone. Note: BUY A MONOPOD SOON!!!!

Please click on each picture to open it up so you can see the little hummer more clearly!



I especially love the picture below. The little fellow was keenly aware of my presence,  but was too busy to be interrupted from partaking of nutrition!  I was standing about 30 feet away from my tiny subject, so was thrilled *any* photos turned out!



The picture below shows how these little birds kind of “dive” deeply into “throaty” plants.


After finishing up taking pictures of the hummingbird, and feeling so fortunate, I noticed a bird flying overhead…..the red of this bird was so “electrifying”, it nearly took my breath away!

I scanned the tree a few feet in front of me, and there he was! Not a cardinal, but even *more* intensely colored, was a beautiful male Scarlet Tanager.  He sat there perching, and looking down at me.


Again, please click to blow these pictures up to see them in their glory!

In looking at this tanager, I thought it would be more fitting in a jungle scene. The funny thing is, I looked online and discovered these brightly plumed creatures of the air do indeed live in South America, making their way northward in April and May!


As I stated previously, I am blessed!

Mark’s Strange Hamburger….

Yesterday, we had several things to do in Rochester.  Before we left, I asked Mark to look on the web to see if he could print out some online coupons for a burger place that was in close proximity to where we would be. Rochester has many burger “joints” that serve up good food.

Mark found buy one-get one free coupons, so he printed out 4 copies, as they allow multiple coupons in one purchase. As we got closer to Rochester, I called in our order so we could eat before going to the stores.

I went in and grabbed the goods…as always, the burgers tasted so good. We had placed a cooler in the back of the truck with icy cold sodas, so we were good to go! (at much less expense!) The kids and I were so hungry, we ate right away. Mark decided to eat a little later.

As we were nearly done with our expedition for the day, Mark decided to eat the first of his hamburgers.  He loves the hot sauce the restaurant serves,  so I had obtained some little cups with extra sauce for him.  He pulled back the bun on the burger and told me to look what was on his burger!

YIKES! I couldn’t see it at first, but as I looked, I sudenly spotted a green colored STAPLE on the hanburger!!! I was so relieved Mark didn’t bite into that staple. Gads, it could have caused some serious damage.

I decided this deserved a call to the restaurant to let them know. I called the restaurant and spoke to the manager. He was very apologetic and sounded rather embarrassed. He said they would be looking into the situation. He offered to give us two more burgers, or maybe some ice cream. I opted for two ice creams.

When we went back to the store, I realized that it was the manager who initially waited on me. I asked him if they discovered how the staple got on the burger and he said no, but that the staples they use do have a green coating on them.

The ice cream (actually frozen custard) was a yummy compensation, although I never even asked for anything!  One thing I know for sure….I am SO glad Mark saw the staple instead of BITING into it!!!