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Yesterday, we spent a few hours with the kids and my daughter and her kids at an amusement park.  The skies opened up nearly as soon as we entered the park, and it was so discouraging for the kids, but after a couple of downpours,  the sky cleared off…

Mark had concerns about using the wheelchair on the wet pavement, as it causes him to lose some of his ability to brake. He decided to stay in the truck for some time and just relax.  As it was getting dark, I left my camera behind with him.

When I saw the beautiful sky as sunset approached, I called him on the cell and asked if he would take a few pics. As I uploaded the photos for the day, I decided he should receive a gold star! I LOVE this picture! The Superman coaster is the premiere coaster at the park, and he could NOT have captured it any more creatively!!!!

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  1. What a great shot and even better when clicked on to see the bigger view!! I love all the arms in the air. Nice shot Mark!

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