Yesterday’s Business and Pleasure

Yesterday, we traveled about 630 miles in the course of about sixteen hours. We needed some supplies for the business,  and loving day trips as we do, decided to travel another very long day. (and night!)

Our travels took us to the state of Pennsylvania. Anyone who knows me knows that I am always saying that my heart is buried deeply in the hills of Pennsylvania. I was born there and although I only spent the first three months of my life in residence there,  I tend to think of it as “home”.  Many of my formative years were spent visiting family in Pennsylvania, and many of my relatives still remain there.


This was the beautiful tourist information building that we spotted as we crossed the state line.


Yes, yes, yes! Pennsylvania has much to smile about. Its beauty would be number one on my own list!


At this particular area, there is a very beautiful garden planted with bright red geraniums. As I walked over, I saw several markers in memory of soldiers from
Pennsylvania whose lives were taken in the Iraqi conflict….a stark reminder of these perilous times we are living in…..


This was such an outstanding rest stop, and although not too awfully exciting, I just had to share it. I was moved by the beauty and simplicity and just think it deserves to be seen!

We were still far from our destination…but the trip was not going to be all business! I have a very dear friend that I met on a Scottish Terrier board. She has two Scotties, and when I discovered she lives only two miles away from where we go for supplies, you cannot imagine the surprise and delight  our entire family felt! So, stopping to visit with Jan was a real highlight of our day! I shall share a few pictures from our visit in another entry!

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  1. I too love PA. Perhaps it is all the fond memories of G-ma and G-pa’s property and running around there with Trula.

    The memorial looks really neat. I find memorials like that very moving…more so than those from wars before I was alive.

  2. PA is like a going to a different country. I love how they use wood for the posts of their road signs. Everything is clean too.

  3. I do like the “smile” sign. My son -in -law was in Iraq …home safely now…but I fear for all the men and women still serving out there. There have been too many deaths and too many lives devastated.

  4. We live in Western PA and after being in Maryland for a week I was shocked to remember how different PA really is–very, very GREEN.

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