Looks like someone (Mark) was fiddlin’ with my blog! I hate that ugly blue header at the top! I guess it is OK, because we just got new cell phones, and he was playing with settings, trying to get them to work. Oh, the cell phones we picked up are not really like phones. They are more like computers!

This was one of those days that one keeps waiting for the skies to clear so as to wander outside. It never really happened, though! I worked around the house this morning and afternoon, then made lunch. Lunch was very well received. I wish I would have taken a picture, but I just completely forgot!

I made a pizza that was so yummy! If you have a membership to Sam’s, I got nearly all of the ingredients right there! Sam’s has ready made frozen pizza crusts that are the same ones they use for the pizzas they sell at the snack bar.  They are huge, but they are really good!

Here is what I did:

I took the pizza crust (frozen) and set it on top of the cooktop on a pizza pan. Then prepared some chicken strips. (also from Sam’s) These are restaurant quality Perdue strips that have a breading on them. Although there are no instructions on the box, we bake them at 400 degrees for 13 minutes, then flip them and bake another 13 minutes. As I put the chicken into the oven, I also placed a pizza stone in to heat up well.

When the chicken was nearly done, I spread about 1 cup of Litehouse Bleu Cheese dressing (Sam’s) on the crust. I then sprinkled on about 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese (Sam’s) and 1 cup of Frigo shredded mozzarella cheese (Sam’s) on the crust.  Because the Blue Cheese dressing is very mild, I used a grinder I picked up at Aldi that was filled with pizza spices on top. This added *so* much good flavor!

I took the (now cooled) chicken and cut it into bite size pieces. I placed it into a bowl and added Frank’s Hot Sauce to give it that Buffalo Wing flavor. Because the chicken is coated with breading, the Frank’s really fills into the little nooks and crannies. I sprinkled the chicken (I forgot to say I used a total of 4 pieces) over the top and placed it into the oven (375 degrees) on the stone for 15 minutes.

GLORY! That was one terrific pizza….and it took longer to tell how to put it together than it did to PUT it together! It didn’t last long, and even Michelle had two pieces! The price I paid for this was that it kind of spilled over and went into the bottom of the oven. Guess I should have placed a large pizza pan underneath on a lower shelf! Live and learn. So, of course then I had to try out the self-cleaning oven. And, glad to report, it worked swell! The downside was that although it never got much past 64 degrees outside, we had to run the whole house fan to keep the fumes from choking us! So, we all shivered with glee when the oven was sparkling clean! (4 hours later!)

After this excitement (please pinch me…I cannot believe oven cleaning is *exciting*, is it?) I wandered outside to take some pictures. Or, so I thought….

The winds were blowing so that it was impossible to even think of taking pictures! I did find one very sturdy  Thistle that held its own against the wind and cooperated. As I snapped, guess what…..Wheeeeeeeeee… MOVED!


 After feeling distressed by the wonderment of this day, Ben and I went for a walk in the woods with the Scotties. That turned out to be the highlight of the day. No particular reason why, I just enjoy the woods and would rather be there than most other places! Especially places like kitchens!!!