Got Rain?

OK, so if you are missing your rain, we might just have it here. We had a couple of real downpours throughout the day~



 During the first downpour, the gutters became quite useless and the plantings in front of the house got a heavy-duty watering!

 It rained for about an hour or more, with the downpour easing off a bit after about half an hour. Then, we were rain free for a period of time.  During the rain, I had things to do that caused me to run in and out in the rain. I was getting so chilled-to-the-bone that I crawled into the hot tub for a little while.  As I was sitting in the hot tub, I heard thunder beginning to rumble, so I got back out again…….

In time for round two!


This was the scene looking out the french doors in the back of the house. Needless to say, those gutters were NOT functioning. I stood there, stunned, watching the raindrops bounce about a foot into the air as they landed on the deck and hot tub! 

My plants will not be needing any watering for a couple of days….

If Only I Were More Aware of Time…

I know that when daughter Carly reads this, it will put a bit of a smirk on her face, as when we were living in NYC, I had a dear friend who commented that one could set a timepiece by me, as I was *always* on time.  I guess changes and unfortunate turns in the road have caused me to be less prompt, causing problems from time to time…..

Such was the case as I considered that I would like to join the Photo Hunters.  I had thought and thought about the assigned photo for the week.  The photo was supposed to portray the word “shadows”.  As I thought and thought some more,  time passed and Saturday came and went. (the photos are supposed to be put up Saturdays or Sundays, I believe)

Feeling “shadow” bankrupt, I decided to decline another week. 

As I was soaking in the hot tub on Tuesday morning,  something caught my attention in my peripheral vision. I turned to see two deer, grazing down on the leach field Michelle had so conveniently (for them) weed-whacked only a few days before!  I sat there, taking in the serene vision, when I suddenly realized what a *great* picture this would be for the photo hunters! The sun was only just coming up over the trees, causing the doe to move in and out of shadows cast on the field.

I cautiously removed myself from the hot tub, raced up the stairs, dripping warm water all over, and stopped only long enough to wipe the water from my hands. I grabbed the camera and raced back down the stairs……s-l-o-w-l-y opened the door so as not to startle the duo, and braced my arms on the railing, hoping I could get a good shot with my telephoto lens.


Well, not a terrific photo, but look at the shadows!!!!

Last night, as Carly and I were talking on the telephone, I plopped down upon the bed and rested my head on my pillow. As we gabbed, I looked up and BEHOLD!….look at this cool picture of “shadows” on my ceiling!!!!


I had taken a picture like this about a year ago and put it on my blog, and then I *completely* forgot about it! Argh!!!! I gave Mark the lamp I had on the bedside table when his nice light broke on the desk in his office. I felt bad, so I gave him my terrific little halogen lamp. So, now I have no lamp…not usually a problem, but last night, I needed to see, so I flicked on a nightlight below the table that the Christmas Cactus is sitting on. I would have missed this entirely, had I not lazily thrown myself on the bed.

So, I hope you enjoy my “Shadow” pictures. Better late than never, eh? Of course, I will not admit that I added them this late in the week on the Photo Hunters site! But, believe me, my little mind is >>>racing<<< thinking about a “tiny” themed picture for this weekend!