Bristolwood Ramblings….


 In yesterday’s entry about hummingbirds, I mentioned that they sometimes perch in trees on dead branches. I was able to catch a little bird doing just that!  This one is resting on a Maple tree branch. They always land on dead branches,  never live ones. One of the *strangest* places I have ever seen them land was on the antenna located on our rooftop!


This morning, Michelle called out to me to get my camera! She kept calling and I thought maybe she was hurt. As I raced out the door, she had this tiny little toad in her hand. She insisted I needed to photograph it! It was so little! After the photo op, she released the little fellow in the garden.

Later this afternoon, we took a trip to Canandaigua.  We took a pleasant drive through the city, seeing some beautiful old homes. There are many glamorous Victorian homes that have been lovingly restored to their days of colorful paint! We drove around and wound up at the VA hospital. I think most of the hospital has been closed, but it is a really a pretty place, and the grounds are kept nicely. As we turned around to head out, I told Mark to look at the HUGE tree in front of the building! He pulled over near it and noticed there was a plaque in front of the tree….


 Yes, it seems this old oak tree is at least as old as the United States!  I think the tree was at least 4 feet across!


I walked back over half of a city block to take a picture of the canopy of this glorious old tree.  I still couldn’t capture the entire canopy, but you can certainly see this is a very, very big tree. It looks as though it is very healthy, too! Amazing. I would like to get a book regarding the history of Canandaigua, as it seems like it must have been a very prosperous small city. Located in the Finger Lakes (Canandaigua Lake is one of the “Fingers”) it is beautiful and rather unique.

As we took the “long road” home, we drove along the road next to the lake.  This is always the more enjoyable route for me,  and nine times out of ten, it is my preferred road. There is something so soothing and relaxing about water! As we traversed the road less traveled, we caught sight of the Canandaigua Lady heading southward. The “Lady” is a replica of the steamboats that once were popular on the Finger Lakes.


 Today was another wonderfully beautiful day here in the Bristolwood. The sun shone, the sky was blue and harmless clouds hung in the sky looking like fluffs of cotton candy! Doesn’t get much better than this!

And Speaking of Angus….

 We all know how frustrating it is when one of our kids refuses to listen to us; even more frustrating maddening when what they are doing could cause bodily harm. So,  after I  sat down and put my feet up on the Lazy Boy couch we inherited from my father-in-law, Angus *draped* himself on the footrest. When I told him to get down when I got up, he refused to listen!I even went and grabbed my camera and he still wouldn’t listen to me!



“Angus”! See that forlorn look? Almost as though he was saying that all he wanted to do was hang out!

This was just before I went outside yesterday, so I finally conned him down with a bone! While I was on the porch, he and Murphy each chewed on a nice meaty bone. They were so happy, and this kept them occupied for a couple of hours.


 The other day, I was playing around a bit with the settings on my camera. I know many people are experimenting, using black and white shots. I thought this one was pretty cute.  In color, it was far too busy, and a nasty glare from the oven door in the kitchen stood out like a sore thumb. (almost on the tip of murphy’s nose, seated right) 

~Chillin’ With the Hummers~


Yesterday afternoon, we had a few tasks that beckoned us to come outside. Mark and Ben were building a ramp for Mark’s mom’s house and Michelle did some weed whacking.  I decided to watch Michelle from the porch, as I could observe her well from there without being in harm’s way. (for safety, everyone should remain 50′ away from the running machine)

I decided to grab my camera, cause you just never know…I was so glad I did! The above picture is of a hummingbird approaching the feeder. The quality of this picture isn’t the best, but if you ever tried to photograph one of these little birds, you can appreciate the challenge!


I have no idea how it happened, but this little bird took a drink and the sun poked through the trees momentarily, allowing me to get a pretty good picture! This picture lets you get an idea of just how tiny these hummingbirds are!(that little yellow flower measures about 1″ across) Oh, and these are called Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds. They are the only variety we have in our area.


Hummingbirds rarely sit still, even for a few seconds, although from time to time you can observe them sitting on a dead branch in a tree, grooming and preening themselves.  This bird was drinking from the feeder, and I caught it as it sat back for a moment!

As I sat out on the porch, I was approached a couple of times by inquisitive hummers who came relatively near me and hovered, as though “looking me over”.  What a pleasant way to spend time on a beautiful afternoon. It was neither too warm, nor too cool. As soon as Michelle finished, I took our mulching lawnmower and mowed over the leach field.  The weeds had really grown too tall, and the field is supposed to be able to “breathe”!

It was a rather productive day and I was happy that I got some time to spend with the little hummers!