Fuzzy Wuzzy Isn’t *Quite* as Fuzzy!


 Yesterday afternoon, I heard the familiar “buzz” of the old Oster A5 clippers….I found myself wondering which of the Scotties was *victim*!  I have taught Michelle how to use the clippers to do a nice little Scottie cut on the boys.  Michelle loves clipping the boys.  And, she does a very nice job!

Angus was the recipient yesterday. I had clipped his entire head about a week ago with a pair of safety-tipped scissors. For a reason unknown to me, he has gotten extremely miserable with clipping, so I decided to try the scissors. He was still antsy……dancing about, but when I was insistent, (or persistent) he did settle down.  My own theory is that the old A5’s we have been using are nearly antiques! I bought them from a friend in 1979,  so they have been around the block, for sure! I am wondering if perhaps they generate too much heat and make too much noise. We use Cool Lube when using them, but they still do put out some heat.  We will see, as I am going to order some Andis clippers that a groomer recommended to me.  Perhaps new clippers will make a difference.


As you can see in the above picture, Angus is a very brindled little Scottie.  When he gets to looking scruffy, he looks grayish-black. Once he is clean shaven, streaks of gold and lots of silver *pop*!

 After the clipping, Michelle added insult to injury by giving Angus a good scrubbing in the tub. Poor Angus. He really doesn’t like a bath, but he did quite well.  He came bounding down the stairs when it was all over, and hopped up on the couch for squirrel patrol.  As I spoke to him, his ears moved as though he was listening, but mostly, he was trying to ignore me! Ah well, I guess I would equate Angus’s grooming with my visits to the dentist!