The Wonder of the Hummers

The picture below is terrible. It was taken not only through a screen, but also through a window!


I only wanted to take this picture to tell about the hummers….This little feeder is one I bought at WalMart for 97 cents. I wasn’t sure exactly where to hang it, but I decided to put it above the sink in the kitchen, at the window.

The reason I picked this spot is rather amazing to me! A couple of years ago, the hummingbirds arrived a little sooner than I had expected. I had not hung the feeder out, as I thought they were supposed to arrive just a bit later in the month of May.  One afternoon, as I was standing at the sink, washing dishes, a little hummingbird came right up in front of me in the window, and hovered for a few seconds. It was as though this tiny little bird was commanding me to hurry and hang that feeder out!

Since then, I have made sure to hang the feeders a little earlier than I think they should be hung up.

Other amazing things have happened at this window as well. On more than one ocassion, I have had a hummingbird flutter about as though trying to convey a message to me. When I went to the big feeder in the front of the house, the feeder was empty!  Just last night, the little feeder above the sink was empty.  It was beginning to get a bit dark outside and the window was still cracked open. (the window swings out to the right side to open) As I was washing the dishes, a little hummingbird appeared at the SCREEN! The little bird flew around the window and up to the screen! As soon as I looked, I could see that the feeder was empty again! I hurried and refilled it, and as I hung it up, the little hummingbird buzzed by my face, waiting for a sip!

These territorial little birds are such a big part of our summers here in the Bristolwood! We enjoy them so much and have even gotten used to their tendency to “buzz” past our faces! When I first put up the feeder, Mark had no idea they made so much noise with their wings. At first, he was a bit disturbed by the buzz, but soon learned to enjoy it. Because he thought they sounded so much like a “huge” bee, I often call them “Bumblingbirds”!