The New Weathervane!

07-07-08-001.JPG   click on the photo to enlarge it!

Yes, there is NO way I couldn’t post about my “new” weathervane! I am on a Scottish Terrier board about, well, what else? It is called CyberScots and there are people from all over the world there who love Scotties as much as I do! (can you imagine?)

Every year, there is a Christmas Gift Exchange that we can sign up to participate in. Well, this past Christmas, my “Santa” spoiled me rotten! I got everything from a nightgown to ornaments to a photo album to the wonderful Scottie weather vane pictured above! (and *more*)

My weathervane has been sitting in a box until last week. As I spotted the box, I told Mark I would love to have the vane mounted. It came with a pole so it could be mounted in the garden. The only problem with that is that I couldn’t always see it! Mark was about to put it into the garden when I thought aloud how nice it would be mounted on the back deck. That way, I could always see it through the French doors.  Mark and Ben went to work making some mounting blocks and TADA! Now, the vane is always visible and I have gotten some nice compliments on it!

Thank you, “Santa” Kathy G~

Changes in My Blog and Back to posting Again!

 After getting so many wonderful comments about the geese we had in the blog template I was previously using, we decided to change it as the title and header were kind of a “stew” of hodgepodge.  Mark has done web design, but blogging is a whole new realm in his repertoire…he has been searching the web, trying to get some understanding about this whole blogging “thing”. So, as he is learning, he shares information with me, and I guess we are learning together!

The past several days (or, has it been weeks!) have been so very busy.  It seems like every summer, we think we will finally get a chance to complete some of the many projects we have lined up completed, but then….well, time flies! It is just so hard to believe that we are into July… and almost to the middle, at that!


 Ben went and visited my parents for a few days after they spent the 4th of July here with us. Our 4th was not filled with fireworks; instead, we got thunderstorms and rain! I was so thankful we barbecued outside the night before, as the rain came down steadily all day on the 4th. As I browsed through the local papers looking for fireworks displays, it became obvious many might be postponed, due to the weather. I turned on the computer, and in my emails was one from Macy’s , advertising their spectacular fireworks display in NYC.

As the time got later in the day, we all gathered around the large screen TV, and by golly, I was so happy! No rain, no traffic, and most of all, no mosquitoes to deal with! We found the ideal fireworks display! And, as we were looking through the guide, we saw that there was also another grand display being televised in Washington, DC! So, “Techno-Mark” ended up recording some of the shows and we were able to enjoy dual firework displays. What a treat that was.

Since then, we have been busy with one thing or another. Boring stuff, to be sure, but busy, all the same!

The picture above is my Fuzzy-Wuzzy Angus. He is definitely in need of some grooming, but he thinks not!  We went for a long ride in the car yesterday to pick up Ben, and Angus was just happy to be riding. Our Scotties think the world revolves around road trips!