Welcome to My “New” Blog

Mark helped me move over my blog from Blogger to my new domain. I still have a lot of work to do on my blog, but with Mark’s help, we will get there, by and by. I only wish I had some knowledge of how things work and such so I could spend some time getting¬† things the way I want them!

 I missed Wordless Wednesday this week as I was kind of busy with company, and also, my computer (laptop) has some *issues*. I was having some serious blogging withdrawal, but I think I might live.

Since I am currently borrowing Mark’s laptop while he works on mine, I have no pictures to post. Perhaps later, if SuperMark can breathe some life back into my computer. (I don’t want to load pictures on his computer if I don’t have to, as I load them onto mine, then transfer them to the main computer, where they are all backed up…rather tedious, I know….but, I know the pictures will be safely kept!)