Well, I Knew it was Coming!

Yup. I have been blogging for almost one year now, and if you have seen my blog, you know that I love putting up pictures as much a writing.

Blogger offers 1024 MB of space for photos and I kept seeing my numbers edging closer and closer to that dreaded 1024….Last night, I was informed that in order to upload three photos, I was going “over the top”.

I know that many bloggers have accounts with Snapfish, Flik’r, and Photo Bucket to store their photos. I will be looking into doing such, but I really like photos on the blog. ;o( I have found out that I do have an account that I already pay for that sponsors blogs, so I am going to have Mark look into that for me, too.

So….it looks like my Blogger account and I will be parting ways soon. It was nice while it lasted!
If I am not here for a day or two, I will be back. And yes, I will certainly leave my forwarding address here!