Everyday is a Celebration!

This morning, Mark and I were chatting and we both agreed that each day should be lived as though it is a celebration. Not one of us knows the number of our days, so we should live each day in joyous anticipation, celebrating another day of life with those we love!

Late this morning (too late, I might add!), I decided to begin making lunch. Well, time got away from me, so we had a very late lunch or early dinner!

Everyone thought that shish kabobs would be good *again*! Well, since I had everything in the fridge, why not? I cut up all of the chicken breasts a couple of nights ago, so I just placed them into a ziplock bag. Then I sliced all the veggies…..

Mark *loves* the Zesty Savory Marinade from Wegman’s. It is kind of spicy/hot, but it really has a nice flavor. After cutting all of the veggies, I threw those into the ziplock bag with the chicken and let everything sit on the counter to meld flavors for an hour.

I had begun some rolls to serve with the shish kabobs, too.

When I made the shish kabobs for Father’s Day, I placed the meat and veggies all on the skewer. Well, Mark informed me that on the cooking shows, the chefs always segregate the ingredients by the amount of time it takes to cook them. So, I placed the peppers, onions, and mushrooms on separate skewers.

This was pretty funny….

The other day, while at WalMart, I saw some tiny hummingbird feeders for 97 cents. I picked one up and got this idea….since I cannot photograph the hummers very well out front, I would hang these tiny feeders on the back side of the house and try to catch them through the window in the kitchen!

So, while the rolls were finishing up proofing in the oven, I sat on a chair, trying to “catch” a hummer….

(I ***love*** my new stove! To keep the rolls at a nice steady 100 degrees while they rise…what a tremendous feature!) So….anyway,

Yup! The hummers like the little feeders! Hurrah. It is so cool to be able to watch them as I wash dishes at the sink! First thing tomorrow, I need to refill this feeder, as they drank all of the sugar water!

Well, I had to get up off my chair after I placed the rolls in the oven to bake. I needed to run outside to the back deck to check the shish kabobs on the grill. And, when I came back to the kitchen……………

Uh huh! When I first walked into the kitchen, Angus’s nose was up against the oven door, sniffing to see if he approved of the rolls! When we used to go to my father-in-law’s apartment for the holidays, he always invited Angus to sit on one of these chairs as we ate! So, when Angus saw the empty chair in the kitchen, he must have thought it was for him!

And here is the ned product. How I wish I could send “smell” over the computer! These smelled so delicious, and this is all the family left for me!

We finished up the dishes and cleanup and my poor head was throbbing like crazy! It felt like someone was pressing the sides of my head together above my ears! I finally wound up taking an ibuprophen, and then headed for the hot tub. I sat in there for two cycles (each about 20 minutes) then just sat there in the water with no jets for about another half hour! It was fun being entertained by the little hummingbirds…..they whizzed past my head and made their cute little chirping noise!

I finally came into the house after 7! I decided a cup of Irish tea would be just the thing to end my day, so I brewed a cup!

Well, tomorrow, we are going to be doing testing for the kids for school. It seems so insane that we have to do achievement tests, but I guess the school district has to know we really are doing something here day after day! The kids are finishing up some little things on their school, and we should be completely done by next week. This is a first! We usually end up doing school work well into July!

Happy weekend, and remember to celebrate life!

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