Keeping Busy and Little Things!

The first order of the day today was to get rid of the wasp nests that they built under the rails of the swimming pool. Ugh! I am not sure why those wasps are so fond of building there, but it seems like every time I look, there are new nests. I ventured forth this morning, new can of wasp and hornet spray in hand. I found and sprayed nine nests.

About an hour later, I went out to remove the nests from the pool. Being lazy, I reached for a small stick on the ground to flick the nests off. I went around the perimeter of the pool, removing the nests, one by one. As I finished, I became keenly aware that the stick I was holding was…..*moving*! Eeeewwwwwww! As I looked down, there was this huge wiggling wormy looking thing crawling inside what appeared to be a cocoon. Rather than passing out on the ground, I raced to the woods, throwing the stick deeply into the thick greenery! Even now, as I think about it, I can feel my skin crawling!

After this, I needed something to relax my somewhat disturbed soul! As I looked around, I saw daisies everywhere! So, I grabbed my camera and began taking pictures. As I snapped photo after photo of beautiful flowers all around, my mind raced back a few years ago to when Michelle was a little toddler….Our neighbors have a daughter who is about a year younger than Michelle, and when the girls were little, we would fashion a daisy headpiece and ohhh and ahhh over our little princesses!
I set the camera down and went on a daisy picking expedition. I picked the largest daisies I could find, making sure to leave many daisies behind. I didn’t want to take too many from any one spot. Then, I sat down and began braiding the daisies into a pretty headpiece. As I worked, I wondered if Michelle would even allow me to place the floral crown upon her brow! When the headpiece was done, I cut several of the pretty yellow daisies from the hanging basket on the back deck. Oh my! What a pretty headpiece this is!

I took several pictures of Miss M with the daisy crown on, but she asked me not to “display” them, so I will honor her request. So, here is a self-portrait with the daisy crown…

OK, so get up off the floor and quit laughing at me!

Let’s see. I took a few pictures of wild roses, too! One of the flowers was so beautifully open, displaying the pretty yellow center. As I took photos, the petals began to fall off….one…by…one!

Here is a bud that was getting ready to open fully…..

And, a tiny bud…

I gave each of the little Scottie boys a bone to chew on; as they worked away, gnawing on their prizes, I uploaded pictures and fiddled around with both of my cameras. I took this picture of a hummingbird sitting on the feeder with my Olympus camera. I love my Nikon so much, but I have to admit, I would certainly miss my little Olympus if I didn’t have it!

And, after all this serious work I was about today, I decided to paint my toenails. hehehe

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  1. Nice crown. I was only laughing WITH you…LOL! I see that your toes have gone to the dogs… Okay, I am tired, I’ll admit it!

  2. I LOVE your toes with the little dogs on them. and the crown is SO beautiful. I have a question about the flowers, did the dasies grow out in the woods in the wild????

  3. Thank you, Tay! The daisies do indeed grow all over here! They don’t actually grow “in” the woods; they are more along the driveway and in areas that aren’t too wooded. They like lots of sunlight! We planted wildflowers a few years ago and they never came up. Now we have these daisies all over and that makes me happy! I love wildflowers!!!

  4. beautiful daisy crown dear!! Em is only in town one more week…so we NEED to get together!!

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