Olean, Revisited!

As I was taking pictures of the various squirrels, I couldn’t help but become enamoured by this little city of Olean!

Years ago, I met two sisters at church camp who were from Olean. I remember visiting and spending the night at their house. I think I was about 12 when I met them, and believe it or not, one of the sisters *still* sends a Christmas card every year! (I will only say that it was many, many years ago that we met!!!) I don’t remember much about Olean from that visit, but in looking at it again, it sure is a beautiful place!

I took several pictures of Lincoln Park.

Although this compact park encompasses only one small city block, it is chock full of wonderful commemorative statues and beautiful settings! What a wonderful place to visit on a warm sunny day!

This large rock commemorates the Revolutionary Soldier who founded the town of Olean in 1804.

I wish I could have gotten an aerial shot of this particular statue. It is so beautiful, and the floral planting you see at the base is actually in the form of a star. I did photograph all four sides, as each side has an engraven message. I am hoping each of these photos will enlarge when clicked on….

A statue in memory of the GAR…Grand Army of the Republic.

I discovered this park while photographing the “Squirrels”…..this is a LIVE squirrel enjoying a peanut a kind soul left for him on the “Freedom of Speech” bench in the park!

This pretty little pathway leads up to a “prehistoric” rock that was placed in the bicentennial year of 2004 to commemorate the founding of the town.

This pastoral little gazebo concludes my tour of Lincoln Park, although there were more commemorative markers located there!

And, across from the park on one side was a pretty Episcopalian Church. What really caught my eye about this church, besides its beauty, was this stunning year-round nativity, which is carved from wood!

Although the Baby Jesus is missing in the manger, I do not recall ever seeing a “permanent” nativity before! Usually, they only appear at Christmas time, and then disappear throughout the rest of the year. This one is so sturdy, so solid….it would involve major production to remove it!

Across the street to the north is the city municipal building. On the side of the building is this gorgeous mosaic!

It seems that many downtown US cities have become run down as a result of more appealing malls being built on their outskirts. Parking is more convenient, and in inclimate weather, it is so much simpler to hop from store to store inside, rather than braving the elements. Olean has retained its small city charm, and it seems many businesses thrive there. There is a very small mall located farther north along this street. The business above is a restaurant. It seems to define the word “charm” with its beauty…..the flowerboxes located on the windows are abundant to the point of nearly overflowing!

There was so much more to see and photograph, but time was getting away from me, and we needed to begin our two hour trip back home. As it was, we returned home after 9 pm. What a great way to spend a Sunday!!